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Erik Bamberg - 23 days ago
What comes after ChatGPT? Vector Databases - the Simple and powerful future of ML?
What comes after ChatGPT? Vector database projects like Weaviate, Pinecone, and Chroma recently got millions of dollars of funding for their projects. But what are vector databases? And why will they be so important in the future? Let us see how Vector Databases can help you define and run your machine learning business use cases. We will explore some real-world use cases and try to understand the potential of vectors and vector databases. Not exactly sure what a vector is ? No worries, you will learn everything you need about vectors . A brief hands-on demonstration just using open source will give you an idea, of how to use the new generation of databases in praxis. We will also cover how vector databases can work together with chatGPT and helps you to overcome some limitations of chatGPT.
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