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What's new in CSS for Designers?
Onur Gumus - 6 months ago
CSS is constantly evolving and bringing new features to web designers. In this presentation, you will learn about some of the latest developments in CSS that can help you create more responsive, accessible and beautiful websites. You will discover how to use logical properties, flexbox, grid, subgrid and writing directions to create layouts that adapt to different screen sizes, orientations and languages. You will also explore the new color specs that allow you to work with a wider range of colors and color spaces, such as rgb, hsl, hsv, hwb, lch, lab, oklab and oklch. You will also learn about the new measurement units that can help you scale your typography and design elements. Finally, you will see how container and style queries can enable you to apply styles based on the size and state of the parent element or the component itself. Join us for this exciting presentation and learn what’s new in CSS for designers!
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