May 6, 2023
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Backend Developer Salary in Austria [2023]

Eli McGarvie

The average salary for a backend developer in Austria is €64,500

The Average salary for a backend developer in Austria is estimated to be €41,100. That’s €3,425 per month or €2,360 per month after tax (about 42%). 

Entry-level backend developers in Austria positions start at around €36,000 per year (Glassdoor). Experienced senior backend developer positions earn upwards of €60,000 per year with bonus and equity options. We’ve included a few estimates from various salary sites in Austria to give you a more accurate picture of backend estimates. Check out our salary calculator for details on your specific salary.

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Salary by Experience 

Since Glassdoor and Payscale have limited data on backend developer salaries in Austria, we’ve decided to use data from salaryexplorer. Bear in mind real figures are probably higher than the estimates provided. Let’s explore salary ranges for the three main categories junior, mid, and senior.

Taxes in Austria 🇦🇹

It’s important to understand how taxes in Austria affect your take home pay. Your contract might state €3,000 monthly gross pay but your bank account will only receive €1,800. As a backend developer working in Austria, you’ll most likely be in the 42% tax bracket. Here’s an example of net pay versus gross pay. 

Your salary is €40,000 or €3,300 per month. You’ll pay around €12,000 total tax. This means your net income after tax will be around €27,700 per year or €2,300 per month. A great way to estimate you take home pay is by using a tax calculator or you can use the brackets below.

Annual salary Tax rate
Less than €11,693 0%
€11,694 – €19,134 20%
€19,135 – €32,075 30%
€32,076 – €62,080 42%
€62,081 – €93,120 48%
€93,121 – €1,000,000 50%
> €1,000,000 55%

Austrian Public Holidays in 2023 

Salary by type and technology 

Depending on what backend technology a developer is skilled in, pay might vary. For example a Node.js developer might receive a higher salary than a PHP developer. A lot of the differences have to do with job opportunities and availability of skilled developers. The less developers, the more demand, the higher the salary can be negotiated. Here’s a breakdown of salary by technology.

Average salary by city 

It’s not an easy task estimating what developers are being paid across Austria. Since the market is a lot smaller than say Germany or the UK, there’s not much data to inform us where developers are earning the most and the least. For the most accurate estimates, it’s best to read what software developers as a whole are making on average in each city. Here are estimates from Stepstone which indicate a slight pay difference between cantons.

As a comparison, we can also look to Germany for more reliable estimates as they have far more developers. Generally, developers in Austria receive higher salaries than in Germany.

Salary by Company in Austria

Salary averages only go so far, sometimes it’s more helpful to see specific salaries at real companies to get an idea of what other backend developers are earning. These are not the best companies in Austria but a handful of some of the larger companies in the country where devs have reported salaries. Majority of these companies are paying backend developers between €40k - €50k. While far from the highest paying developer salaries, these salaries are generally considered to be good.

Backend Developer Salary in Austria [2023]

May 6, 2023
min read

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