March 8, 2023
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Best Companies to Work For in Austria: Top 25 Companies in 2023 

Eli McGarvie

Austria isn’t the first country to come to mind when you think of working in Europe. Before you remember that the Alps exist, you probably first imagine the canals in Amsterdam or the Eiffel tower in Paris, or Big Ben in that wonderful isle we call England. 

While Austria doesn’t have a claim to one of Europe’s bustling startup hubs like Germany or The UK, it is an emerging market with some unique players. You might not know this but Red Bull, Swarovski, and Spar are all Austrian companies. There have also been a few new unicorns on the scene, with BitPanda, and GoStudent reaching billion-dollar status in 2021. If you’re interested in working in Austria, keep reading to find out what companies should be on your radar. 


We’ve taken the top 25 companies based on employee ratings on Kununu. Kununu is an employer rating platform (similar to Glassdoor) based in Austria. We excluded companies with less than 200 reviews. Reviews are based on the following criteria; career & salary, corporate culture, working environment, and diversity. Each category is given a star rating out of five which is then averaged into a total score. It’s important to note that this data is general in nature and without access to the raw data it’s impossible to determine how companies have progressed over time. Therefore the following list is based on “all-time data” and not just ratings from 2023. 

Best companies to work for in Austria

According to Kununu, the best companies to work for in Austria are DM, EGGER, Boehringer, Raiffeisen, and Accenture (top 5). It’s important to note that this is a local job rating board and therefore might exclude a few international companies. 

# Company Rating Industry
1 DM 4.5 Consumer goods
2 EGGER 4.3 Manufacturing
3 Boehringer Ingelheim 4.2 R&D
4 Raiffeisen Landesbank 4.2 FinTech
5 Accenture Austria 4.2 Consulting
6 APS Group 4.2 Recruitment
7 PORR Group 4.1 Construction
8 General Austria 4.1 Insurance
9 Infineon Technologies 4.1 Electronics
10 Julius Blum 4.1 Manufacturing
11 Internorm International 4.1 Manufacturing
12 Henkel 4.1 Consumer goods
13 Knapp AG 4.0 Transport
14 TRUCK WALTER 4.0 Transport
15 AUVA 4.0 Insurance
16 Transgourmet 4.0 Transport
17 Deichmann Austria 4.0 Consumer goods
18 WIENER STÄDTISCHE 3.9 Insurance
19 AVL 3.9 Automotive
20 EVN AG 3.9 Energy
21 A1 Telekom 3.8 Telecom
22 UniCredit Bank 3.8 FinTech
23 OBI 3.8 Consumer goods
24 KPMG Austria 3.8 Consulting
25 Lidl Austria 3.7 Consumer goods

Most popular companies to work for in Austria

To get a full perspective on the “best” companies in Austria, I think it’s also important to include a list of the companies that people want to work for. For example, Google might get a low rating on Glassdoor but it’s still a company everyone in tech wants to work with or for. 

This list is from The Most Attractive Employers in Austria report by Universum. They surveyed over 9,000 students in Austria asking them what companies they wanted to work for. We’ve used the results from the engineering and IT students. Ratings are from Glassdoor.

# Company Rating Industry
1 Siemens 4.1 Consumer goods
2 Google 4.4 IT services
3 Microsoft 4.4 Computer hardware
4 BMW Group 4.2 Automotive
5 Audi 4.2 Automotive
6 Red Bull 4.3 Consumer goods
7 voestalpine 3.6 Machinery
8 ÖBB 4.1 Transport
9 Porsche Holding 3.4 Automotive
10 Daimler/Mercedes-Benz 4.2 Automotive
11 STRABAG 4.0 Construction
12 Bosch 4.3 Consumer goods
13 KTM 4.1 Transport
14 PORR 4.1 Construction
15 Wien Energie 4.4 Energy
16 Infineon Technologies 4.2 Electronics
17 Magna Steyr 3.7 Automotive
18 Volkswagen 4.1 Automotive
19 IBM 4.0 IT services
20 Sony 4.0 Electronics
21 Airbus 4.0 Transport
22 Verbund 4.7 Energy
23 AVL List 3.8 Transport
24 Wiener Linien 4.2 Transport
25 SWIETELSKY 3.3 Construction

Get a developer job in Austria

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Best Companies to Work For in Austria: Top 25 Companies in 2023 

March 8, 2023
min read

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