September 16, 2023
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Average Salary in Berlin

Eli McGarvie
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Berlin is a city where history, culture, and opportunity intertwine to create a unique living experience. As one of Europe's most sought-after destinations, it's no wonder that people from all corners of the globe are drawn to this cosmopolitan hub. From its world-renowned art scene and thriving nightlife to its affordable cost of living and excellent quality of life, Berlin has become a hotspot for professionals and creatives alike. 

However, when considering a move to this dynamic city, one important factor that inevitably comes to mind is the average salary. Various factors influence this crucial aspect, such as the city's diverse job market, the cost of living, and the level of education and experience one possesses. This article explores Berlin's average salary landscape, exploring the key elements that shape it. 

What is the Average salary in Berlin in 2023? 

Based on the information gathered from Pay Scale and, it has been determined that the yearly gross salary average in Berlin for 2023 is €54,674. This equates to a monthly gross salary of €4,564. Additionally, the average gross hourly wage is €26. The average salary in Berlin is higher than the national average of €53,00 per year (gross). 

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Cost of living in Berlin

Compared to other major European cities, the cost of living in Berlin is quite reasonable. On the Mercer Cost of Living list, Berlin ranks at number 37.

Here is an overview of the major expenses you'll encounter while living in Berlin:

  • Rent: If you're looking for a one-bedroom apartment in Berlin, the average monthly rent is about €900. But, if you're willing to live farther from the city centre, you can find less expensive apartments.
  • Groceries: In Berlin, the typical grocery expense is approximately €250 per month, which covers the cost of food, beverages, and personal care items.
  • Transportation: The public transportation system in Berlin is very efficient and affordable. A monthly pass costs around €86.
  • Utilities: The average price of utilities in Berlin is around €150 per month. This includes electricity, heating, and water.
  • Entertainment: The cost of entertainment in Berlin can vary depending on your activities. However, you can find affordable options like going to the movies, eating out, and visiting museums.

Average salary in Berlin by industry

According to Glassdoor, the data below displays the job sectors in the highest demand in Berlin and the average pay you can expect to receive in each industry. 

Industry Average Annual Salary
IT and software development €70,500
Marketing and communications €50,000
Design €50,000
Sales and business development €54,906
Finance €54,090
Engineering €61,644
Healthcare €55,776
Customer service €26,489

Further analysing salaries in Berlin by profession 

The above figures only provide an overview of the industry's average salary. To gain a more comprehensive understanding of the average salary in Berlin, we have divided each sector into smaller categories.

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1. IT and software development

Berlin is a prominent destination for the tech industry, so there is a significant need for skilled IT and software developers.

Profession Average Annual Salary
IT consultant €62,495
Software Developer €70,500
Game Developer €41,820
Engineering Manager €96,000


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2. Marketing and communications

Berlin is renowned for its creative and innovative spirit, reflected in its thriving startup community. This bustling metropolis particularly needs skilled marketing and communications professionals who can help businesses effectively connect with their target audience.

Profession Average Annual Salary
Social Media Coordinator €34,825
Publicist €39,996
Digital Marketing Manager €40,915
Marketing Specialist €41,327

3. Design

Berlin is a focal point for design enthusiasts, offering many opportunities for designers to explore their craft. The demand for designers is particularly high, emphasising fields such as graphic design, UX design, and product design. 

Profession Average Annual Salary
Graphic Designer €41,089
Interior Design €48,940
Product Designer €49,241
Art Director €45,711

4. Sales and business development

Berlin is a major commercial centre with a bustling demand for sales and business development experts. This thriving metropolis offers many opportunities for individuals seeking to further their professional pursuits within these fields.

Profession Average Annual Salary
Sales Representative €44,955
Sales Account Manager €67,900
Account Executive €54,000
Sales Director €100,000

5. Finance

Berlin is a centre for finance and business, which has led to an ever-increasing demand for professionals with varying skills and expertise in the industry. Specifically, the need for qualified accountants, auditors, and investment bankers has increased recently. 

Profession Average Annual Salary
Financial Analyst €43,676
Accountant €57,182
Investment Banker €119,831
Chief Financial Officer (CFO) €192,699

6. Engineering

Berlin is renowned for its exceptional engineering industry, thriving with numerous opportunities for those specialising in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and civil engineering. The city has become well-known for its engineering industry, leading to a high demand for skilled engineers. This makes it an ideal destination for aspiring professionals to kickstart their careers.

Profession Average Annual Salary
Mechanical Engineer €61,644
Electrical Engineer €48,201
Civil Engineer €41,086

7. Healthcare

Healthcare is a critical sector in Berlin that requires the service of many professionals. The healthcare industry is vast and diverse, demanding various healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, and pharmacists. 

Profession Average Annual Salary
Nurse €34,725
General Doctor €55,000
General Surgeon €130,400
Dentist €41,175

8. Customer service

Berlin is widely recognised as one of the world's foremost business hubs, attracting many industries and companies. As a result, the need for top-notch customer service professionals is in high demand to ensure that businesses can effectively meet the needs of their customers and maintain their competitive edge.

Profession Average Annual Salary
Call center agent €19,111
Customer service supervisor €45,974
Chief Operating Officer (COO) €100,000
Grocery clerk €31,595

Average salary in Berlin by age and education

According to a study conducted by the German Federal Employment Agency, individuals in Germany tend to earn higher salaries as they age. The study revealed that those under 25 earn an average of €35,000 per year, whereas those over 55 earn an average of €55,000 per year.

Similarly, a study conducted by the German Institute for Economic Research found that the average salary in Germany also depends on one's level of education. People with a university degree earn an average annual salary of €45,000, whereas individuals with a high school diploma earn an annual average salary of €30,000.

Average salary in other German cities

Let's compare the average salary in Berlin to that of other major cities in Germany.

City Average Annual Salary
Hamburg €56,276
Munich €56,315
Frankfurt am Main €53,911
Cologne €52,216
Düsseldorf €52,715
Stuttgart €50,589
Leipzig €40,729
Dresden €41,149

Based on the data above, which was obtained from Salary Expert, it is clear that Berlin has one of the highest average salaries in the country. And with its relatively low cost of living, it's no wonder so many people are flocking to live in this vibrant city. 

Average Salary in Berlin

September 16, 2023
min read

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