March 2, 2023
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Best Companies to Work For in Germany: Top 25 Companies in 2023 

Thomas Limbüchler

For the eighth time, the rating platform Glassdoor has chosen the best German employers. Last year's winner Salesforce falls back to second place and has to hand over its top position to McKinsey & Company. Internet giant Google was in second place last year (2022) but has surprisingly been knocked completely out of the top 25 best companies in Germany. The Biotech manufacturer, Siemens Healthineer, comes in 3rd place. The software company, SAP, gets the fourth place. 5th place goes to Porsche.

While SAP came in 6th in the Glassdoor ranking from last year, the software house has increased two places this year. Salesforce remains a strong contender for first place, they've gone from 11th in 2021 to 1st in 2022 and now settle at 2nd. It's a surprising leap. Unfortunately, while their rating grows in Germany they have dropped in France and UK where in 2021 Salesforce held top positions.

For the ranking, Glassdoor uses employee reviews submitted on the platform within a year. At least 20 such reviews must have been received to consider a company. Besides, only companies with at least 1,000 employees are included in the ranking. Smaller companies are not included on the list of “best” employers. Companies that simply haven't been rated enough by their employees on the platform also have bad cards.

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Glassdoor ranking: The 25 best employers in Germany

# Company Rating Industry
1 McKinsey & Company 4.7 Consulting
2 Salesforce 4.6 Software
3 Siemens Healthineers 4.6 Biotech
4 SAP 4.6 Software
5 Porsche 4.6 Automotive
6 Forschungszentrum Jülich 4.6 R&D
7 Bosch 4.6 Consumer goods
8 Roche 4.6 Biotech
9 DLR 4.6 Aerospace
10 Infineon Technologies 4.6 Electronics
11 Capgemini inventory 4.5 Consulting
12 BMW Group 4.5 Automotive
13 airbus 4.5 Aerospace
14 Audi 4.5 Automotive
15 BSH home appliances 4.5 Consumer goods
16 Mercedes-Benz Group 4.5 Automotive
17 Bayer 4.5 Biotech
18 Boston Consulting Group 4.5 Consulting
19 MHP 4.5 IT services
20 North Security 4.5 Software
21 Celonis 4.5 Computer hardware
22 Microsoft 4.5 Computer hardware
23 Apple 4.5 Computer hardware
24 Merck KGaA 4.5 Biotech
25 CGI 4.5 Consulting

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Best Companies to Work For in Germany: Top 25 Companies in 2023 

March 2, 2023
min read

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