March 2, 2023
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Best Companies to work for in London: Top 25 Companies in 2023

Eli McGarvie

The past few years have been difficult for companies in London, as they had to manage remote work, lockdowns, hiring delays, and a succession of layoffs. The job losses have significantly impacted the results of Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work 2023 rankings. It is likely many former workers went on the review website to express their discontent, particularly unfavourably for tech companies like Meta which suffered multiple layoffs in 2022 and 2023. Meta was in the top 10 last year, it is no longer found in London's top 50 companies.

Which are the best companies to work for?

Before we dive into the rankings, let’s talk about what’s changed over the last year, and discuss some of the biggest movements across the London’s top-rated 25 companies. 

At the top of the list for London is Bain & Company, a consulting business with more than 10,000 staff. This company hadn’t made the top 50 companies on this list for the preceding three years, showing that the rankings can change quickly.

ServiceNow, which held the top spot in 2022, has dropped to second place, but still managed to raise its rating to 4.7 (from 4.6). Great effort from the HR team collecting those reviews, it would have been a big job. 

Salesforce has fallen from the top three, dropping to ninth place, which may be due to layoffs earlier in 2023. Yet, it seems more likely that their scores have stayed the same while other companies have increased their ratings.

Finally, Google's ranking has been bumped up this year, likely due to some glowing reviews they have received from their employees. In 2023, they rose from the eighteenth place with a 4.4 rating to seventh place with a 4.6.


It's true that ratings may not always be an accurate depiction of a company's culture or employee well-being, but they can be a good starting point for research. Smaller companies often offer a better experience for employees, however; it's sometimes the bragging rights that come with being employed at a large, corporate firm that make it attractive to certain individuals. We would love to see Glassdoor work to provide more ratings and data on SMEs and startups so that those who do not wish to work for large consulting firms have more information to make their decisions.

Glassdoor's rankings are based on employee reviews submitted within a year. Companies must have at least 20 reviews and 1,000 employees to be included in the ranking. Unfortunately, smaller companies are not included in these "best" employer lists, and companies that simply haven't been rated enough by their employees will be left out.

Glassdoor ranking: The 25 best employers in London

# Company Rating Industry
1 Bain & Company 4.7 Consulting
2 ServiceNow 4.7 Software
3 Boston Consulting Group 4.7 Consulting
4 Equinix 4.7 Software
5 Ocado Technology 4.6 Software
6 Mastercard 4.6 FinTech
7 Google 4.6 IT services
8 Arup 4.6 Architectural
9 Salesforce 4.6 Software
10 Version 1 4.6 IT services
11 Softcat 4.6 IT services
12 BlackRock 4.6 FinTech
13 Microsoft 4.6 Computer hardware
14 Adobe 4.6 Computer hardware
15 Imagination Technologies 4.6 Software
16 Johnson & Johnson 4.6 Biotech
17 SAP 4.6 Software
18 Wise 4.6 FinTech
19 Office for National Statistics 4.6 Government
20 Mott MacDonald 4.6 Architectural
21 SUSE 4.6 Computer hardware
22 Cisco Systems 4.6 Software
23 Dell Technologies 4.5 Computer hardware
24 Baringa Partners 4.5 Consulting
25 Schroders 4.5 FinTech

Consider working for one of London's top employers

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Best Companies to work for in London: Top 25 Companies in 2023

March 2, 2023
min read

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