March 7, 2023
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Best Companies to Work For in Paris: Top 25 Companies in 2023 

Eli McGarvie

When it comes to tech and startups, Paris is one of the most significant cities in Europe. The startup scene is growing with the French government pledging billions towards tech and innovation. While not entirely friendly towards international workers, Paris does still have a huge market for technical talent, as many corporates have set up headquarters in the French capital. That being said, not all companies are created equal — if you’re working in Paris or thinking of making the move then you’re probably wondering which are the best companies in Paris to work for. 

To quantify what “best” looks like in the workplace, we’ll follow Glassdoor’s example, and measure a company by employee ratings, looking specifically at Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work report. 

Which are the best companies to work for in Paris?

Before we dive into the top rankings, let’s compare this year’s list with the previous years. We’ll highlight relevant changes and how remote work, mass layoffs, and COVID have shaken things up. If you’d like to learn more about the best companies in the country, head over to France’s top-rated 25 companies. 

At the top of the list for Paris is Google, the number one tech company we all know and love. It seems like it was a good year for Google employees, they got the top position in France and Canada, and ranked in the top 10 in the UK and the United States. Last year Google was at 22 and before that, they hadn’t made the list. 

It’s great to see French companies at the top of this list, something that we didn’t see in the UK which was dominated by American companies. At spot number two, Murex, then Leboncoin, Schneider-Electric, and Retail Renault Group. All companies are rated 4.7 — very close to overtaking Google (also 4.7). That makes seven out of the top 10 best companies French. 


Glassdoor's rankings are based on employee reviews submitted within a year. Companies must have at least 20 reviews and 1,000 employees to be included in the ranking. Unfortunately, smaller companies are not included in these "best" employer lists, and companies that simply haven't been rated enough by their employees will be left out.

The employee ratings won’t always be reflective of a company's workplace. Especially with corporates you never really know what you’re stepping into. A lot of people are willing to overlook issues for that brand name on their resume. Plus ratings aren’t really anonymous, we all know HR meticulously monitors these pages, quickly figuring out who wrote what. I’d also imagine there are many ways to trick the system like flagging negative reviews to postpone them so they won’t be included in ratings until  award season has passed. With all that in mind, here are the top companies in Paris. 

Glassdoor ranking: The 25 best employers in Paris

# Company Rating Industry
1 Google 4.7 Computer hardware
2 Murex 4.7 Software
3 Leboncoin 4.7 IT services
4 Schneider Electric 4.7 Energy
5 Retail Renault Group 4.7 Automotive
6 SAP 4.7 Software
7 Michelin 4.6 Machinery
8 Bpifrance 4.6 FinTech
9 Criteo 4.6 IT services
10 Salesforce 4.6 Software
11 Boston Consulting Group 4.6 Consulting
12 Contentsquare 4.6 Software
13 Avanade 4.6 IT services
14 Wavestone 4.6 Consulting
15 AXA / France 4.6 Insurance
16 FDJ – La Française des Jeux 4.6 FinTech
17 Microsoft 4.6 Computer hardware
18 ADEO 4.6 Consumer goods
19 Orange 4.6 Telecom
20 Chanel 4.6 Consumer goods
21 ADP 4.6 Software
22 Boulanger 4.6 Electronics
23 Apple 4.6 Computer hardware
24 Hermès 4.6 Consumer goods
25 Decathlon 4.6 Consumer goods

Consider working for a top employer in Paris

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Best Companies to Work For in Paris: Top 25 Companies in 2023 

March 7, 2023
min read

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