September 18, 2023
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The Best Co-Working Spaces in Berlin

Eli McGarvie

Apart from being home to some of the best nightlife, currywurst stands, and artistic displays for all ages, the German capital continues to shine a light on startup culture. According to Startup Heat Map, Berlin is the second-best entrepreneurial city in Europe (just behind London), as ventures in Berlin have raised €6.6B on average per year (2020–22), and the city currently ranks as the #1 place entrepreneurs want to move to.

The popularity of coworking spaces may be attributed to their attractive combination of modern conveniences and the freedom to choose one's own schedule. Berlin's co-working spaces provide the ideal blend of creativity, community, and cultural variety for anybody from startup founders and digital nomads to seasoned professionals looking for a shared office.

How much do co-working spaces in Berlin cost in 2023?

Prices vary depending on a couple of factors, but overall, the prices start at hourly passes that cost €4 and run up to €500 (or more) monthly for private offices. It all depends on the amenities, level of service, and overall membership packages. Since the average salary in Germany for a software developer is €3,200 per month after tax (an onerous 42%), the figures for renting a coworking space seem like a sensible investment.

Tips on choosing the right coworking space for you

We get it: Picking between many other options can be somewhat overwhelming. Don’t worry, we got you. Here are some key factors to consider before making the final decision. 

1. Office atmosphere

When choosing a coworking space, lighting, temperature, and noise are important because they affect how well you can work and how comfortable you feel. Make sure to visit the place before checking if these elements align with your expectations and needs. You know what they say about Instagram pictures…

2. Amenities

Access to reliable Wi-Fi, modern office equipment, and additional facilities like meeting rooms and charging stations ensures that members can work efficiently and comfortably. It seems that real estate value impacts a coworking’s spaces facilities, and Berlin’s spaces seem to shrug off gym and kitchen options, favouring being near the Kreuzberg club sector instead. It’s absolutely understandable and one of the points you should consider if you still haven’t moved here. Other cities do offer these amenities quite frequently.

3. Location

When Western tourists say that every European city is small and walkable, they forget about Berlin. The German capital city is gigantic, and newcomers often tour the city in uncalled-for circles when they hop onto the S-Bahn and are clueless about where to hop off. Thus, especially for Berlin, checking out the coworking space location is a big deal. Easy access and convenience mean less hassle getting there, giving you more time for work and connecting with cool people in the area.

Top co-working spaces in Berlin in 2023

Find the coworking space that best suits your needs in the following list. Please note that the prices and amenities shown below are estimates and are subject to change at any time. The list follows no specific order or ranking. 

1. Office Club Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Location: Pappelallee 78/79, Berlin 

Prices: Memberships range from €19.90 monthly up to €599 per month.

The Office Club co-working spaces can be described with one word: flexible. The place’s name might sound dull and quite unlike Berlin, but workers seem to call out the coffee for being fantastical, which entirely makes up for the uninspired moniker.

Workers praise the place as relatively quiet, but reviews regarding the internet’s stability are mixed. One issue brought up frequently is the different options for subscription and renewal policies. Many users are not sure enough about what they purchased in the first place. Some have claimed being kicked out and finding out they didn’t get 24/7 access, while other people explain that they thought they had held out from renewing, only to find the charge on their credit card statements. So keep an eye out for what you’re buying — and count on the Office’s staff, which seems to respond timely to each inquiry.

2. KAOS 

Location: Wilhelminenhofstraße 92, Berlin

Prices: Prices vary and adapt depending on each particular need. Kaos considers itself to be a solidary community that takes into account each possible member’s qualities into account, meaning they only give prices upon request. 

The name says it all: Kaos is a creative, optimistic, chaos-prone coworking space. Counting on a photo studio and events venue in-house, this workplace promotes sharing spaces, tools, and knowledge to create synergy and unique creations. Kaos offers a unique and inspiring workspace for professionals seeking a dynamic and collaborative environment. Its modern design, and vibrant community of like-minded individuals welcome startups and freelancers to thrive and innovate in this creative hub. With flexible membership options and top-notch amenities, Kaos Coworking Space embodies Berlin’s vibe inside and out; you’ll notice people get word about it because they attended a party there.

3. B+Office

Location: Dudenstraße 10, Berlin

Prices: Costs range between €169 per month for a flex desk to €239 for a fixed desk. 

B+Office redefines the workplace experience with its modern and sophisticated atmosphere. This space is located in a prime location and offers professionals a seamless blend of productivity and comfort. From private offices to shared workstations, B+Office caters to diverse work styles, empowering startups, freelancers, and remote workers to collaborate and innovate. With unique amenities, networking opportunities, and a supportive community, B+Office Coworking Space sets the stage for success in Berlin's bustling business landscape (and its free coffee is a total plus in our books!).

4. Tuesday Coworking

Location: Tuesday Coworking has three locations in Berlin. Getting the member pass allows you to visit all three of them. 

Prices: Monthly flex desks start at €124, while fixed desks cost €279. Great news! Meeting rooms between 5–20 hours are free of charge for members.  

Productivity, sustainability, and creativity perfectly summarise Tuesday Coworking's overall DNA. This workplace is all about creating communities that forge great relationships in an environment focused on comfort, flexibility, and great amenities. From weekly social events to nap pods — a quiet quitter’s dream — and in-house showers, Tuesday embraces the opportunity to collaborate, learn, and grow alongside like-minded individuals in this dynamic co-working hub.

5. Thunderbolt Collective

Location: Paul-Lincke-Ufer 20-22, Berlin

Prices: Fixed desks cost €500 and include high-speed Wi-Fi, access to conference rooms, and free coffee and candy. 

Located in Berlin’s creative heart, Thunderbolt Collective is a friend’s house turned into a coworking space. Thunderbolt is all about making a homage to its vibrant and dynamic location, from a fireside and living room to a game area to a bar. This space offers a mix of modern design and a homely atmosphere, with its catered furniture design and big luminous windows, inspiring productivity and networking. 

6. Betahaus 

Location: Rudi-Dutschke-Str 23, Berlin 

Prices: The standard access package costs €105 per month, and the all-access pack costs €275 per month. 

Berlin’s Betahaus is home to more than 500 entrepreneurs, freelancers, and teams of all kinds that have resonated with Betahaus’s mission: making everyone an entrepreneur. It is an iconic and pioneering co-working destination for entrepreneurs, creatives, and freelancers. With diverse workstations, private offices, and modern amenities, Betahaus caters to various work styles. Whether you are in the mood to work with your team for a full day, have a ‘coffice’ session with a friend, or just finish a coding project on the go while grabbing a coffee and delicious pastry, Betahaus is an excellent option. 

Co-working in Berlin

As Berlin continues establishing itself as a tech industry powerhouse in 2023, its coworking spaces offer a perfect fusion of innovation, community, and cultural diversity to drive success and growth in the tech industry and beyond. So please refer to our job boards to find a suitable project you can spend your time with coffee on. With demand for developers surging by the minute in Germany, the timing seems exceptional. Good luck!


The Best Co-Working Spaces in Berlin

September 18, 2023
min read

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