September 18, 2023
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The Best Co-Working Spaces in Vienna

Eli McGarvie

Not only slacker American tourists and boxing clever French passer-by’s visit Vienna every year. Besides being a tourism centre and the low-key setting for the moving drama Before Sunrise (1995), the Austrian capital is now considered a bustling tech hub. According to expert reports, recent years have witnessed a surge in the city's profile, thanks in large part to the expansion of notable technological enterprises and the arrival of new sources of venture capital. The most recent data from the Austrian Startup Monitor shows that over 2,600 new businesses have been launched in Austria since 2009, with over half of them located in Vienna.

With sizable tech players like Amazon, Google and Apple setting foot in the capital, tech workers might hold to the belief that working in a corporate office is almost the only option. But coworking spaces are showing up by the minute in Vienna. Developers and tech enthusiasts can surely try the following coworking areas to hone their skills or turn in their late-due freelance projects while grabbing a kickshaw Apfelstrudel on the brink of St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

What sets Vienna apart

While coworking spaces may seem like a modern concept, they could arguably be a continuation of Vienna's traditional housing schemes. Vienna has a long history of providing affordable housing to its citizens, with a communal focus on communal living and shared spaces. Similarly, coworking spaces provide affordable workspaces to individuals and companies, with a focus on collaboration and community, and a sense of “leave no freelancers behind” that the capital city’s buildings already have.

Just like communal housing complexes such as the famous Karl-Marx-Hof and the other Gemeindebau (municipality building) were designed to promote a sense of community among residents, coworking spaces are designed to make work less siloed, even for people participating in separate projects. In 2023, coworking in Vienna might feel different because tradition comes a long way into it.

Top co-working spaces in Vienna in 2023

We’ve elaborated on 90s romantic films and federal buildings, but there’s more to it here. Vienna is the city of apple pies, Turkish-brewed coffee, insanely long yet failed sieges, and, of course, coworking spaces. Yes, that's right: programmers living or residing in Vienna have the unassailable fortune of visiting coworking spaces with a wide variety of options and diverse locations. We’ve curated a list of the best co-working spaces in the Austrian capital, however, please note that the prices and amenities shown below are estimates and are subject to change at any time. The list follows no specific order or ranking. 

1. Impact Hub

Location: Lindengasse 56, Vienna, Austria

Prices: Prices start at €30 per month and up to €250 monthly for dedicated desks. 

With more than 600 members, Impact Hub is a co-working space tailored for freelancers, ventures, experts, investors, and partners to gather and create under the same roof. Counting on a range of membership options and benefits such as community events, private phone booths, and lockers, ergonomic chairs, etc. this co-working space won the OOTY 2018 Award for Austria’s Office of The Year in the ‘Co-Working’ category. It is located in Vienna’s heart, so, as in any city centre in the world, that means few and limited parking spaces nearby. Make sure to check on various modes of transportation before going there, so you don’t lose precious time in finding a parking spot. 

2. Talent Garden

Location: Liechtensteinstraße 111/115, Vienna, Austria

Prices: Memberships start at €20 for daily passes. Unlimited access memberships cost around €500 monthly.

Talent Garden is all about creating community. From common areas, and free workshops, to specialized mentoring programs, members at this co-working space can certainly appreciate the motivational environment and encouraging atmosphere. Talent Garden believes itself to be a community that thrives on innovation and inspiration beyond the desks. From friendly welcomes from the staff members at the reception and their helping hand when in doubt, Talent Garden is an outstanding productive place to connect with young and like-minded people. 

Besides the tranquil workspace, the reviews highlight how the Talent Garden crew throws occasional networking parties, where people may meet new contacts while socialising over a cold one. One last one: it’s in the same building as WeAreDevelopers!

3. Das Packhouse

Location: Marxergasse 24/2, 1030 Vienna

Prices: Flex desk memberships currently cost €180 per month and private office packages start at €350. 

A true space for entrepreneurs, Das Packhaus currently has 850 active members from all backgrounds and is one of the biggest start-up hubs in Vienna. Das Packhaus takes pride in being a space in which vibrant exchanges flourish and members can rely on all-inclusive benefits and amenities such as being pet-friendly, being open 24/7, having an outdoor terrace, and more perks that could make you think it’s actually a Berlin nightclub.

4. The Collaboratory Co-Working

Location: ​​Apollogasse 4/7, 1070 Vienna, Austria

Prices: Daily passes start at €29. Premium plans prices start at €125 per month

Located in the trendy Mariahilf district, The Collaboratory Co-Working is a work and events space designed for locals who hybrid work or don’t need a full-time coworking space in Vienna. Their hybrid memberships are super flexible, allowing you to live your life on your terms. Certain developers have strongly highlighted that the space's playroom — you read that right — has a babysitter ready to take care of your child and allow you to code. Parents usually cope with having a baby around by attending meeting after meeting — an activity that requires no keyboard input. Could it be that this space is the continuity of Austria's long-celebrated maternity leave policy? Moreover, The Collaboratory also offers fixed desks, meeting rooms, private offices, and virtual office services. From showers and barista coffee to comfortable chairs and adjustable desks, they ensure and promote a healthy working environment. 

5. Zimmer Concept to Work

Location: Piaristengasse 6-8, 1080 Vienna, Austria

Prices: From €350 per month for a workplace. 

Zimmer Concept to Work in Vienna stands out as an exceptional coworking space due to its unique blend of aesthetics and functionality. With its thoughtfully designed interiors, it offers an inspiring atmosphere that fosters creativity and productivity. Furthermore, Zimmer Concept to Work's commitment to creating a collaborative community provides ample networking opportunities and a supportive environment for individuals and businesses alike. They offer flexible desks, meeting rooms, private offices, event space, and virtual office services, as well as a rooftop terrace with stunning views of the city skyline! This coworking place truly encapsulates the essence of a modern and thriving workspace in the heart of Vienna (P. S.: don’t forget to walk around Zimmer’s premises… you might just bump into the Hofburg Imperial Palace and take an impromptu tour after a long work day).

6. ZI8

Location: Zimmermanngasse 8, 1090 Vienna, Austria. 

Prices: From €85 per month for a virtual office up to €250 for a working place fix. 

ZI8's coworking space in Vienna offers an industrial retro-style setting that fosters creativity and collaboration. It features an expansive open space area, well-equipped event conference rooms, inviting lounges, and fully stocked kitchens. With a diverse community of members spanning various professional backgrounds, ZI8 serves as a hub where innovative ideas are born through collaborative efforts. The dynamic and inspiring atmosphere encourages members to engage, collaborate, and brainstorm, creating a vibrant ecosystem of innovation and growth.

Co-working in Vienna

Vienna is not just a city of history and culture; it has emerged as a thriving tech hub with a burgeoning startup scene. Whether you're a freelancer, entrepreneur, or remote worker, these co-working spaces offer the ideal blend of resources and community to thrive in Vienna's evolving tech landscape. If you already know where to settle in and start punching in code, but you’re still seeking employment to let you get there, please refer to our job boards. At WeAreDevelopers, we got qualified opportunities and help the best talent in Europe connect with tech companies. Good luck!


The Best Co-Working Spaces in Vienna

September 18, 2023
min read

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