March 14, 2023
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Flutter Developer Salary [2023]

Eli McGarvie

Flutter developer salary

According to StackOverflow, the median salary for a Flutter developer is estimated to be $43,000 USD. The expected range for Junior to senior Flutter developers (worldwide) is between $34,000 and $121,000. That’s the range from most Flutter developers in the US, UK, Germany, Australia, and Canada according to Glassdoor. If you are on the lower end of this range, it might be time to find a new Flutter developer job

Flutter developer salaries vary from country to country. Let’s go through the top markets for English-speaking developers and, using data from Glassdoor, explore the median salaries and what you can expect to earn as a Junior or Senior Flutter developer based on what country you are in. We’ve presented this data in USD to make salaries more comparable. For local currencies, you can check the table below. 

Median salary by experience and country (USD):

For the most accurate salary estimates check out our salary calculator.

Median Flutter developer salaries by country

A Flutter developer in the United States will have very different salary options from a Flutter developer in Europe. And because these country-specific salary bands are so different, the entire worldwide average is lowered. Let’s go through the main markets for English-speaking developers and compare salaries. Salary data is from Glassdoor and has been converted into USD. 

The median salary for Flutter developers in the United States is $94,000, making them the highest paid (on average) worldwide. Junior Flutter developers in the U.S. are earning around  $73,000 while Senior developers enjoy salaries of $121,000 or higher. 

Flutter developers in Australia have the second-highest salary bracket, they surprisingly earn the highest median salary of $96,000 but have a lower average salary range. Junior developers are reported to earn $81,000 while Seniors can make around $115,000. 

Out of the European markets, Flutter developers in the United Kingdom earn a median salary of $74,000 and they also have the lowest reported Flutter salaries at $34,000 for entry-level and Junior positions. Senior developers are earning around $91,000 in the UK which is still lower that the median salaries in both Australia and the U.S.

Flutter developers in Germany have a median salary of  $58,000, with Juniors earning $51,000 on the low end and Seniors earning $65,000 on the high end. Compared to other software developers in Germany, Flutter developers are earning below the average. Out of all of the aforementioned markets, Flutter developers earn the lowest median salary in Canada at $52,000. The salary range from Junior to Senior developers is $41,000–$65,000.

Flutter developer salaries in local currencies:

Median: $93,972 £45,829 €55,000 $145,000 $71,062
Low: $73,000 £28,000 €48,000 $122,500 $57,000
High: $121,000 £75,000 €61,000 $172,000 $89,000

Median Android developer salary by technology

How does Flutter compare to other mobile frameworks? Not great. Unfortunately, it’s the lowest-paid skill when compared with React Native, Xamarin, Ionic, and Cordova (according to StackOverflow). Developers working with Xamarin report the highest median pay of all mobile developers at $63,000. Then it’s React Native developers who earn $53,000 followed by Ionic and Cordova mobile developers, both earning ~$49,000. Lastly, we have Flutter developers who are earning around $43,000. One positive is that Flutter is one of the most loved Mobile frameworks while Cordova, Xamarin, and Ionic are the most dreaded. This could account for the pay disparity. 

Android developer salary by technology (USD):

The highest Flutter developer salaries reported

The highest reported Flutter developer salaries are reported in the United States where Flutter developers can earn anywhere from $132,000–$227,000 (Google). It makes sense why Google pays Flutter developers the highest (Flutter was developed by Google), you’ll also find other big tech companies like Apple ($158,000), Yandex ($145,000), and Microsoft ($139,000) offer similar salary ranges. 

Mobile developer salary over time

Since there was limited data on Flutter developers, we instead used the median mobile developer salary from the U.S. and worldwide (from 2017 to 2022), as reported in the annual StackOverflow survey, and compared the two data sets to give you a better idea of how mobile developer salaries are growing year by year.

Mobile developer salary over time US versus Worldwide (USD):

Flutter developer salary by city

San Francisco is the highest-paying city for Flutter developers in the major English-speaking cities at 105,000. Second is New York at 97000 then Sydney at $78,000. London offers higher pay than both Paris and Toronto though, still $20K less than the U.S. capitals. Paris offers the lowest Flutter developer salaries ($57,000). 

Median Android developer salary by city (USD):

Flutter Developer Salary [2023]

March 14, 2023
min read

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