September 18, 2023
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How to Find Tech Jobs in Berlin

Eli McGarvie

Berlin — where we hosted our recent World Congress — is so much more than just a tech-and-techno hub. The city’s contradiction between historic charm and propeller tech ecosystem magnetically allures enthusiasts, creators, and leading venture capital, forging an unmatched blend of industries. Currently, ranking as runner-up in the Top Five Start-up European Ecosystem, Berlin is Germany’s startup capital, with twice as many startups being founded in the ecosystem in 2022 than in any other city in the country. 

The German capital is coded by contradictions and possibilities. As of 2023, Berlin houses 5771 startups. Its entrepreneurial spirit was strengthened by the remarkable 94% total funding investment the government gave to the Fintech/Insurtech sub-sector in Germany in 2022, as reported by Startup Genome. Nevertheless, amid challenges such as escalating rents, tightening venture capital, and talent shortages, the city clings on to its ambition of ascending as a pioneering innovation hub in Europe and beyond.

IT Meetups in Berlin

Berlin is one of the most notable tech hubs in Europe, which translates to a city full of networking opportunities. While the term “networking” might not be everyone’s favourite term, it holds significant importance for freelancers aiming to establish a presence. The essence of network entails engaging with events that genuinely interest you and forging connections with like-minded individuals.

Meetups are where success stories are born. A place where enduring connections are made, great mentors are met, and perhaps even where collaborations on business ventures happen. The following is a list of exceptional tech meetups in Berlin, including everything from industry-specific to general technology. 

LinkedIn and XING

Yes, we’re sorry — but we had to include these. We know they’re laden with crocodile tears, ill-fated advice and navel-gazing ramblings, but these professional social networks can be genuinely helpful if you skim through the unfavourable content. If you haven’t already, kickstart your journey by updating your LinkedIn account regularly. Employers and headhunters actively scout the platform for numerous job openings. By incorporating relevant keywords into your profile and specifically filtering your needs while searching, you can boost your visibility to potential recruiters. 

Moreover, the “Jobs” tab on LinkedIn presents a splendid opportunity to explore local companies and even apply directly for job opportunities without leaving the platform.

Germany and the DACH region love XING, a Hamburg-based platform. So you might consider it for your roster of helpful job-hunting platforms if you’re now living in Berlin. LinkedIn has a broader range of users and is available in more languages, whereas XING caters primarily to the German-speaking market. XING caters to specific regions, with the DACH as the focus.

Specialised job sites

Berlin’s startups are not immune to the current talent gap, as they compete with other employers for qualified candidates. A Joblift survey unveiled that in 2022, Berlin’s startups listed over 40,000 job openings but received merely 20,000 applications. As a result, the average ratio came to two vacancies for every applicant, accentuating the urgency to address this disparity.

In response, the government has taken measures to tackle this challenge by easing the path for foreign workers to come to Germany and join startups. The Skilled Immigration Act, enacted in 2020, streamlines the visa process and lowers the qualification requirements for non-EU workers seeking employment in the country. As part of their plans, the government intends to introduce the Startup Visa Act in 2023. This act aims to grant a fast-track visa and residence permit to foreign founders aspiring to initiate or join startups in Germany, fostering an inclusive and globally diverse startup ecosystem.

Keeping this in mind, you can start your job hunt on diverse sites by filtering your specific needs. At WeAreDevelopers you can browse diverse developer opportunities that both align with your skills and terms. Other sites you might want to complement your search with are Berlin Startup Jobs and Remotive (for remote workers).

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What programmers need to know about working in Berlin in 2023

It's common to feel stuck for ideas. The most frequent questions people have when seeking employment in the technology sector are listed below:

Can foreigners find jobs in Berlin?

To work in Germany, foreigners require a work visa, a Blue Card, or a residence permit, which usually takes around 2 months to be approved. Great news! Language is not that big of a barrier. Of course, one has to think strategically about where to apply, but because Germany has such an influence in the global economy, there are plenty of suitable jobs that don’t require fluent German skills. 

Can I work as a freelancer in Germany?

Anyone can be a freelancer in Berlin. EU or EEA citizens or permanent residents might have fewer steps in the process of becoming self-employed and registering as a Freelancer, but non-residents can apply for a German freelance visa, which typically takes 1 to 4 months longer. Getting a visa appointment can take up to 8 weeks in Berlin.

Freelancing in Berlin is a wonderful way to experience the city. It can sometimes mean afternoons off and sleepless nights, but how you play it is up to you. Just follow work that interests you, accept that some jobs are purely to pay the bills, and make sure to get your face out there as much as you can.

What is the average salary for a developer in Germany?

The average salary for a software developer in Germany is €62,200, which means around €5,200 per month or €3,200 per month after tax (42%). By 2022, the average gross monthly income in Germany is approximately €4,105. Individuals with experience are usually given higher annual increments based on their performance and contribution to the organization.

How to find tech jobs in Germany 

Eager to elevate your tech career in the buzzing tech scene of Berlin? Have a look at the WeAreDevelopers job board to see the latest job posts in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

How to Find Tech Jobs in Berlin

September 18, 2023
min read

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