June 13, 2023
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7 Great Tech Meetups in London

Eli McGarvie
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London is one of the best cities in Europe for software development and tech. It’s the Fintech capital of the world and has the largest tech scene in all of Europe. This means that there’s a lot of tech professionals kicking around on the Tube, looking for community and support in their career. 

If you’re someone looking to learn a bit more about tech or maybe land a job at one of London’s best companies, networking and upskilling is a surefire way to achieving that dream. The great thing is that meetups are still alive and kicking in London, and with so many tech professionals in the city, there’s plenty of communities to choose from. We’ve put together a list of some great tech meetups in the Big Smoke, so take a look, and see if any match your skill set. 

1. JavaScript London

When: Every couple of months

This is the biggest JavaScript community in London. This group has over 3,000 members and holds talks on JavaScript related topics. In their most recent meetup they discussed Firebase, React, and working with OpenAI — so the subject matter is very relevant to what’s happening in the world. 

Unfortunately, this frontend meetup group is a regular gathering, they tend to meet up every couple of months so you’ll have to keep an eye on their page for their next meeting. The format is usually pizza 🍕 and beer 🍻 with a couple of talks. There’s plenty of time for networking before and after the event plus there’s the option to kick on at the pub after the meetup which is a great opportunity to make some friends. 

2. London Java Community

When: Weekly on Thursdays

Catering to Java enthusiasts, the London Java Community stands as the largest meetup group in the UK, boasting over 7,000 members. They host weekly meetups every Thursday, where participants delve into the latest industry developments, new Java technologies, and connect with fellow backend developers. 

These events strike a balance between technical talks and socialising, occasionally featuring prominent figures from the software community as guest speakers. Make sure to explore this community if you have a passion for Java.

3. London Machine Learning Meetup

When: Monthly

With an impressive membership count exceeding 11,000, the London Machine Learning meetup stands as the largest machine learning community in Europe. Gathering once a month, the group dives deep into discussions about language models, AI advancements, and other fascinating developments in the field. They attract notable speakers from influential companies like Meta and OpenAI, ensuring valuable insights and knowledge sharing among attendees.

4. AI and Deep Learning for Enterprise

When: Monthly

Join this engaging meetup to delve into the world of AI and Deep Learning. Apart from thought-provoking talks and networking opportunities with industry professionals, you can also participate remotely if you happen to be out of town during the event. This community-driven meetup encourages members to share their own learnings, making it an excellent platform to enhance your public speaking skills and gain exposure.

5. Tech For Good

When: Every couple of months

Tech For Good brings together hackers, coders, developers, and designers to address the intersection of technology and social/environmental challenges. By leveraging digital solutions, this meetup aims to collectively work towards solving modern problems. Keep an eye out for their sporadic events, as they don't follow a regular schedule. Attending this meetup could be an opportunity to contribute your skills to meaningful projects.

6. Data Science Career Growth Meetup

When: Monthly

Don't let the modest appearance of this meetup deceive you. Despite having a seemingly smaller member count, this group is highly active and dedicated to fostering career growth for data scientists. Monthly meetings consist of talks, Q&A sessions with senior data professionals, and networking opportunities with fellow data scientists, data analysts, and data engineers. Unwind and connect with like-minded professionals over drinks at the pub, following the formal agenda.

7. London Typescript Meetup

When: Every couple of months

London's vibrant TypeScript community convenes every few months to exchange ideas, share knowledge, and connect with peers who share a common interest. Whether you're an experienced TypeScript developer or someone looking to expand your understanding of this increasingly popular language, immersing yourself in this active community promises a rewarding experience.

Best tech meetups in London 

And with that, we conclude our round-up of the finest tech meetups London has to offer. The city's eclectic mix offers something for everyone - from game development enthusiasts to tech leaders, to exclusive spaces for women in technology. Indeed, London's vibrant tech scene embodies its "city of sin" reputation in all its diverse glory!

For those of you based in Europe, I highly recommend the World Congress taking place on July 27-28, along with a myriad of other fantastic tech events that unfurl throughout the year. And should there be a meetup that you believe deserves a spot on this list, don't hesitate to share. Stay connected! ✌️


7 Great Tech Meetups in London

June 13, 2023
min read

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