September 16, 2023
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Average Salary in Vienna

Eli McGarvie

What is the average salary in Vienna?

Avg. salary per year

51,823 EUR

Avg. salary per month

4,320 EUR

ERI's Global Salary report shows that the average yearly salary in Vienna, Austria, is €51,823, which translates to €25 per hour, roughly 56,299 USD per year. This figure is slightly higher than the average yearly salary in Austria, which is €31,407. However, Vienna has a significant salary range, with some earning well above the average and others earning considerably less. The factors influencing salary in Vienna include the industry, level of experience, and individual qualifications.

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What is a good salary in Vienna? 

While the average salary in Vienna is €51,823, earning an annual salary ranging from €30,000 to €42,000 is considered a good income. It's important to note that these figures don't include the holiday allowance and Christmas bonus employed Austrians receive yearly.

Vienna's cost of living is generally considered high, but it's still lower than other major cities in Europe and the US. According to Numbeo, living in Vienna is 33.7% cheaper than New York City and 11.6% cheaper than London.

Below is a breakdown of the various costs associated with living in Vienna:

  • Rent: The typical monthly cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment in the city centre is €1,047.
  • Utilities: On average, the monthly cost of utilities such as electricity, gas, and water is about €200.
  • Food: Vienna has relatively expensive groceries, but some affordable options are still available. On average, a weekly grocery bill for one person costs about €50.
  • Transportation: Vienna offers affordable public transport, with a monthly pass costing only €55.
  • Entertainment: Vienna offers a wide range of free or inexpensive activities, including visits to museums and parks. However, if you plan on attending a movie or concert, be prepared to spend around €20 per ticket.

Average salary in Vienna by industry

The data below displays the most in-demand job sectors in Vienna and the average salary range for each one, according to Salary Explorer.

Industry/Sector Average Annual Salary
IT €62,553
Engineering €46,100
Finance €56,400
Healthcare €81,100
Tourism €37,400

Further analysing salaries in Vienna by profession 

While the above figures offer an overall average salary for the industry, it's important to remember that various professions exist within each sector, each with its own salary average. We have listed the most popular careers in each industry and their respective average salaries to provide a more comprehensive understanding.

1. IT

Vienna is a pivotal IT industry centre, offering many opportunities for software engineers, data scientists, and other IT professionals. The city has a vibrant tech ecosystem, offering ample opportunities for IT professionals.

Profession Average Annual Salary
Data Analyst €42,816
Software Developer €64,185
Tech Lead €71,834
DevOps Engineer €68,556


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2. Engineering

Vienna is renowned for its engineering industry, boasting many prospects for those specialising in mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering. The city is an ideal destination for engineers looking to advance their careers and make valuable contributions to the field, thanks to its leading position as a hub for innovation and technology.

Profession Average Annual Salary
Mechanical Engineer €76,262
Electrical Engineer €72,776
Civil Engineer (Bachelor's degree) €33,520

3. Finance

Vienna boasts many renowned international banks and financial institutions, making it an ideal location for accomplished financial analysts, accountants, and other skilled finance professionals to pursue their careers. With its thriving financial industry, Vienna offers many opportunities for those seeking to advance their expertise and excel in finance.

Profession Average Annual Salary
Accountant €43,080
Financial Analyst €67,900
Banker €40,560
Bookkeeper €23,140

4. Healthcare

Vienna boasts a significant presence in the healthcare industry. The city has numerous medical facilities, creating many career opportunities for healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel. With its diverse medical landscape, Vienna is an excellent destination for individuals seeking a fulfilling healthcare career.

Profession Average Annual Salary
General Medical Practitioner €102,020
Nurse €72,684
Surgeon €146,200
Orthodontist €166,994

5. Tourism

Vienna is a popular destination for visitors from around the globe due to its abundant cultural heritage, impressive architecture, and lively atmosphere. As a result, the city offers numerous job opportunities for individuals in the hospitality industry, including roles such as waiters, chefs, and hotel staff.

Profession Average Annual Salary
Waiter/Waitress (1-3 years experience) €23,202
Head Chef €61,066
Concierge €15,300
Event Manager €43,760

Average salary in Vienna by the highest-paid professionals

Here are some of the top-earning jobs in Vienna, along with their average salaries.

Profession Average Annual Salary
Software Architect €70,200
Tax Advisors €64,900
Country Managers €64,500
SAP Consultants €62,600
Sales Manager €61,000

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Average salary in Vienna by experience

Here are some insights regarding how work experience can impact salaries in Vienna.

  • Entry-level

In Vienna, salaries for entry-level jobs are generally lower than those of experienced workers. This is because entry-level workers are usually less skilled and have fewer qualifications. On average, an entry-level worker in Vienna earns about €30,000 annually.

  • Mid-level

In Vienna, mid-level professionals typically earn higher salaries than those in their careers' early stages. This is due to their increased experience and qualifications. The average annual salary for mid-career workers in Vienna is approximately €40,000.

  • Senior-level

In Vienna, senior-level workers often receive the highest salaries due to their extensive experience and qualifications. On average, these workers earn around €50,000 per year.

Experience is crucial in determining earnings in Vienna, alongside various other factors that can impact salaries.

Other factors that can affect your salary in Vienna

When figuring out your average salary, it's crucial to consider your personal circumstances. For instance, a surgeon with 10+ years of experience will earn significantly more than an entry-level accountant.

Here are some additional factors that may impact your salary in Vienna:

  1. Language skills: Having proficiency in multiple languages, particularly German, can significantly benefit individuals in Vienna. Strong language skills can open up better job opportunities and raise salaries.
  1. Company size and reputation: Your salary may depend on the company's size and reputation. Generally, more established companies can provide more resources and offer competitive salaries to attract skilled professionals.
  1. Negotiation skills: Your salary negotiation skills can directly impact your final compensation package when hired. Effective negotiation tactics can help you obtain a higher salary or additional benefits.
  1. Job demand and market conditions: The demand for certain skills or positions can impact salaries. Employers may provide higher salaries to entice and keep talented individuals when professionals are scarce in a specific area.
  1. Performance and achievements: Your salary can be influenced by your past performance and accomplishments in your previous jobs. Employers tend to offer higher salaries to individuals with a proven success and achievement record.

Average Salary in Vienna

September 16, 2023
min read

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