meshcloud GmbH


Frankfurt, Germany


From 16 to 50


Consulting, Information Tech



dvrTech stack

Angular, Docker, Kubernetes, Kotlin, Spring Boot, REST, MariaDB, Grafana

gradeKey values

checkAwesome co-workers
checkWorking across departments
checkFamily valued & supports parents
checkFlexible hours
checkHigh code quality
checkOpen source contributor
checkContinuous delivery
checkTechnical founder(s)
checkOptions for working remotely
checkRespect & trust

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Join our team and help us accelerate the digital transformation of the Global 2000 companies. How we do it? With our Cloud Foundation platform, a unique solution on the market today.

Almost all larger enterprises will face the challenge of mastering their cloud governance in the next few years, or they are already in the midst of it. A Cloud Foundation is an organizational approach to mastering the Cloud Journey. Our platform provides software development teams with everything they need to successfully develop cloud-native applications.

However, the solution offers much more than just cloud services, as it also covers organizational issues such as IAM and cost management. The "Cloud Foundation Team" integrates all these functions through a unified control plane. This approach relieves our customers' more than a thousand users of organizational tasks and frees them to focus on software delivery.
Our common goal: Every large organization in this world should know what Cloud Foundation Platforms are and why they need one.

GitOps and the Rise of Everything-as-Code

GitOps is a term that is getting more and more popular to describe a certain way of handling the operations of an application or IT system.

In this blog post, we will look at the definition of GitOps and at its most important core principle: Infrastructure as Code (often referred to as “IaC”).

GitOps is considered the future of doing operations and we will line out why, what the benefits of GitOps are, and why you should also consider going GitOps!

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World Office at meshcloud - How we Tackle the Challenge of Remote Onboarding

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Teamevent in Aub

☁️ We're all about clouds but definitely enjoying the sun coming out ☀️ The meshcloud team (not all of us could make it) came together to connect and develop new ideas.

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