March 23, 2023
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8 Best Edge Extensions And Addons For Developers

Luis Minvielle

As modern web applications become increasingly complex, developers rely on a range of tools and extensions to optimise their workflow and streamline their debugging process. From language translation to spelling and grammar checks, the right tools can make a world of difference in helping developers overcome obstacles and bring their applications to life.

Below, we'll explore eight of the top Edge extensions for web developers, each of which offers a unique set of features to enhance productivity, improve collaboration, and bring your web projects to new heights. Whether you're new to the world of web development or a seasoned pro, these Edge extensions are sure to become indispensable additions to your toolbox.

1. Grammarly

Programmers who don’t speak English as a first language are forced to overcome a subtle conundrum: The prevalence of English in computer science. English is so widespread in the realm of programmers that even the most professional coder would have qualms relaying their doubts regarding the tongue, and insiders are still surprised to learn that Linus Torvalds is from the Swedish-speaking minority of Finland. 

Sources estimate that more than half of the recorded programming languages spawned from English-speaking countries, and non-Latin-alphabet systems — such as the Arabic-based Qalb — are all but a rarity.

This reality makes Grammarly, a comprehensive spell-checker, especially appealing.

Grammarly is an essential Edge extension for developers who want to ensure their written communication is professional and error-free. It provides real-time grammar, spelling, and punctuation checks as you type, making it perfect for writing emails, comments, or documentation. Developers can also benefit from Grammarly's suggestions for enhancing clarity and conciseness in their writing, helping to improve overall communication with colleagues and clients.

One of Grammarly’s best-kept secrets is that it was developed by Ukrainians who spoke English as a second language. Thus, developers can pick their first language, and the extension will provide adaptive suggestions based on the most common mistakes from those language speakers.

2. AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus is an indispensable tool for developers who want to focus on their work without the distraction of ads. By blocking intrusive advertisements, this Edge extension enables developers to browse the web more efficiently and maintain their concentration while researching, testing, or debugging. Written in JavaScript and CSS, AdBlock Plus also offers the ability to whitelist specific sites, giving developers control over the content they see. 

But that's not all. AdBlock Plus also offers the ability to upgrade to its premium version, which adds even more features to improve your browsing experience. With AdBlock Plus Premium, you can say goodbye to additional annoyances like floating videos, newsletter pop-ups, and other distractions. You can even block site notifications, stop floating videos, and ignore survey requests.

3. Office Online

The legendary desktop suite is slowly flaking off from its roots in whirring CPUs, where it required hefty installation files to run the mythical WordArt. Office Online, the latest iteration of the indispensable and ubiquitous software, shuns away the executables of yesteryear and brings the power of Microsoft Office directly to your browser.

Developers can easily access, edit, and collaborate on Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote documents without the need to switch between applications. This streamlined workflow allows developers to be more productive and stay organised, as they can reference project documentation and manage data more effectively.

4. Microsoft Translator

In the ever-globalising world of programming, developers are regularly faced with the Tower of Babel conundrum: how to decode the cryptic texts of foreign languages when collaborating with international teams or delving into arcane documentation. Fear not, for Microsoft Translator is here to bring a babel fish to your aid. This nifty extension, programmed in TypeScript and React, swiftly translates web pages, snippets, or individual words, allowing developers to break down linguistic barriers and channel their inner polyglots. No more lost-in-translation moments; now you can harness the power of multilingualism with a mere click.

Designed to facilitate the reading experience of foreign literature, this plugin follows the principle of putting the user's needs first. With features like Google Translate API integration and PDF file support, Edge Translate ensures the accuracy of translation results and provides a more agile reading experience for users. Whether it's collaborating with international teams or diving into technical documentation, Edge Translate empowers developers to break down language barriers with ease and focus on their work.

5. LastPass: Free Password Manager

In the chaotic digital jungle, developers often find themselves juggling a multitude of accounts, passwords, and secret incantations. Enter LastPass, the trusty digital amulet, forged with JavaScript, designed to conjure strong, unique passwords and securely store them in its enchanted vault.

With LastPass by your side, you can effortlessly log in to various platforms with a single click, banishing the ancient ritual of scribbling passwords on sticky notes or reusing the same "trustworthy" combinations. Alas, the days of forgotten passwords are no more; let the wizardry of LastPass guide you to a safer and more organised digital realm.

6. Microsoft Editor

For developers who often weave tales in the form of emails, comments, or documentation, Microsoft Editor is the literary companion you've literally been seeking. This extension sprinkles your writing with real-time suggestions, gently guiding you towards grammatical perfection and stylistic finesse. 

Microsoft Editor is more than just a tool to help you write better; it's a comprehensive writing assistant that can elevate your writing to new heights. With advanced features like style-checking for clarity, conciseness, formality, vocabulary, and more, Microsoft Editor helps you write like a pro. And, with customisable options like adding words to your personal dictionary, skipping suggestions, and fine-tuning your preferences, you can very easily tailor this extension to your specific needs. With Microsoft Editor, your written masterpieces will radiate professionalism, leaving your fellow developers spellbound by your eloquence.

7. ModHeader

ModHeader, a powerful extension forged with the alchemy of JavaScript, offers developers the power to bend headers to their will. ModHeader empowers developers with an array of convenient features that make modifying headers a breeze. Add, modify, or remove HTTP headers with ease, unravelling the mysteries of your application's performance and shedding light on the darkest corners of your debugging endeavours.

With the ability to conditionally enable modifications based on URL and resource type, you can tailor your debugging efforts to specific scenarios. Plus, ModHeader is lightning-fast and incredibly lightweight, allowing you to quickly toggle modifications on and off with just a few clicks. Best of all, ModHeader is completely free to use, with a paid option for unlocking even more powerful features.

8. Save to Pocket

When sitcoms about the 2010s start to sprawl all over the streaming platforms, the characters’ screens will undeniably show three phenomena: dating apps all over the place; a big widget telling it is raining even if it is sunny outside; and open browser tabs, galore. It’s almost part of the human condition: we’ll open more tabs than we can handle and end up being in over our heads. 

While some of those tabs might refer to botched NFT collection deals, others might point towards articles, tutorials, or resources that sparkle with invaluable knowledge for programmers. But alas, our attention is too limited and our memory too cruel, and these treasures risk being lost in the abyss of forgotten browser tabs. Save to Pocket is here to salvage these precious finds. With a mere click, this extension, crafted with JavaScript and React, captures web pages, images, and videos, storing them in a celestial vault for you to access at your leisure. Embark on a journey to the stars with Save to Pocket, ensuring your trove of knowledge is always within reach.


8 Best Edge Extensions And Addons For Developers

March 23, 2023
min read

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