February 12, 2023
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Find a Developer Job: 12 Best Job Sites For Developers

Eli McGarvie

The last few months have been a bit of a rollercoaster in the tech community. We’ve seen major tech companies in the United States and Europe go through yet another round of layoffs. And of course, with that news, many developers and tech professionals changed their status from ‘employed’ to ‘open to work’ overnight. 

While developers from Meta, Google, or HubSpot (with their five-month severance package) will most definitely land on their feet and find another great company, there are others who aren’t feeling as confident. Regardless, job searching, applications, and interviewing, are never enjoyable experiences. Plus there will certainly be an onslaught of recruiters trying to match your frontend skills with some company’s backend. 

To skip all that nonsense, I thought it would be a good idea to put together a list of developer-focused job platforms to help you find a developer job. You’ll have a much better time dealing with tech-savvy professionals. This means they at least know Java is a backend language.

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Best sites to find a developer job

I haven’t yet seen an honest list of developer job sites out there. It’s mostly because competition is tough and guys like me don’t want to give airtime to rival companies. Well, I’m a little different. I want to give you the best information to help you with your job search — whether you find a job here, on our platform, or elsewhere. What matters is that you’re hooked up with a new gig. 

Let’s skip the traditional job sites you already know, like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Monster. Sure they’re good resources but these sites are well-known and you’re probably looking for something better and more relevant. In this list, I’ll stick with job platforms that cater exclusively to developers and tech professionals plus a few sites that offer a unique aspect.  

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Developer jobs in Europe 🇪🇺

Over 1,300+ developer job opportunites from companies based in Western Europe. Onsite, hybrid, remote, and English-speaking roles available.


WeAreDevelopers is our platform where we match developers with top companies in Europe. There are a few cool things about this platform that I should mention. First, companies will reach out to you and offer you opportunities based on your skills and experience. That means no more applications, no more browsing through job page after job page. You’ll also have access to career support and assistance from our talent managers. There are over 2,600 job opportunities in Germany, Austria, and remote. 


I’m not super familiar with Dice, but I know it’s big in the United States (it’s strictly for US-based tech jobs). This job platform offers a similar experience to Glassdoor or Indeed, where you search by job title and location and the site will give you a list of relevant posts. You can find salary insights for better negotiation and you can quickly apply to a lot of jobs with the easy-apply feature. 

Lemon is a cult. I’m not saying that, that’s a quote from their website — which is also really cool. On Lemon, you can signup as a team or individual, and their team will match you with projects and clients that suit your skills and experience. The cool thing is you don’t actually interview with the clients but with Lemon devs. And the requirements are pretty simple: 3+ years of experience, good English, and 20+ hours of availability.  


X-Team offers a more stable approach to freelancing. If you join X-Team, you’ll be working on long-term projects for companies like Riot Games, FOX, Coinbase, and more. This platform is designed for senior developers who want to work remotely and are ready to jump into a team and start coding. 


EchoJobs is a job board specifically designed for software engineers by a software engineer. You can search by location, skill, seniority, focus, and industry. The great thing about this board is that many of the listings have salary ranges, so you can quickly see what's on offer without having to create a profile (many other platforms require this). Most of the job postings on EchoJobs are in the US, but you can still find opportunities in Europe, Australia and South Africa.


Arc() describes its platform as a “radically different remote job search where companies apply to you.” I’m not trying to be a hater, but it’s not radical, a lot of sites on this list have the same system… What is unique about this site though, is that they are betting you’ll land a remote job in just 14 days. That’s a fast turnaround. The catch is that Arc() is only for senior developers who want to work remotely. So if you’re looking for an office environment or maybe you’re not as experienced, this is probably not the site for you. 

Gun is similar to Arc() in that it’s for senior or “well-vetted” developers (I’m not entirely sure how they classify that term). While they don’t have a huge presence, they seem to have some strong relationships with companies in the U.S. and actively get developers remote positions.

Honeypot is a job platform for developers wanting to work in or relocate to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Spain. They also have a reverse-recruiting process where companies apply to you. You can be at any skill level to join, but you're probably going to have more companies reaching out to you if you’re based in Europe and have a few years of experience.  


These guys started in South Africa and have expanded to the Netherlands and now offer some remote positions across Africa and the EU. The first thing you’ll notice about this company is that they really put time and energy into their community with sway, welcome packages, and career support. If you’re looking for a job on-site in Africa or the Netherlands you’ll certainly find some options here! is international so don’t just think it’s for French people (which is what I thought). They predominantly work with French companies and startups, but also offer job opportunities in Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, and Amsterdam. There are job opportunities for Software Engineers, Data Experts, Product Managers, CTOs, VPs of Engineering, and DevOps.

Y Combinator

If you are interested in working for Y Combinator-backed startups, this website is the perfect place to go. It lists all the available opportunities from both newly formed and already established YC companies. It’s a mixture of on-site and remote jobs all over the whole.  


Wellfound (previously known as AngelList) is a great location to look for entry-level programming positions. There are a lot of interesting opportunities, especially with startups and smaller enterprises. You can come in very early which has some risk but a lot of potential to grow. The platform is straightforward, create a profile, and apply to hiring managers. I like that they kind of removed cover letters — you don’t have to upload anything but you are encouraged to write a message to the hiring manager.


Remotive is targeted at remote tech workers. There are some marketing and design jobs on Remotive but it’s mostly software jobs — so let’s just call it a developer job board. Remotive is really simple, it just gives you the information, and you don’t have to create a profile or anything like that. It’s just a big list of jobs that takes you straight to the employer’s website. And if you don’t like what you see, come back tomorrow — there’ll be some new posts. 

Find the best EU-based engineering jobs with WeAreDevelopers

With the untimely death of StackOverflow’s job board, a lot of developers didn’t know where to go. Turns out there are still a bunch of great sites out there just for you! So I encourage you to explore these options, sign up to these platforms and see what job opportunities come your way! 

WeAreDevelopers matches developers with top European companies in Austria and Germany. Check out our job board to see if there are any jobs that interest you! 

Find a Developer Job: 12 Best Job Sites For Developers

February 12, 2023
min read

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