January 17, 2024
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The Best Job Search Websites of 2024

Eli McGarvie

The new year is a great time to dust off that resume and start applying for new jobs. With an extra year of experience, you might be qualified for jobs that were out of your league a year ago. And with a new job comes better work opportunities and hopefully a nice salary bump. 

In this article, we’ve curated over 30 different job boards from around the world. With this many options to choose from, you are bound to find something that suits your preferences and experience. We suggest that you spread yourself across a few of these boards based on your region and work style (remote, 4-day week, etc.). 

Where to start your search?

We’ve organised the job boards according to region (UK, USA, and Europe) and by type of job board. The biggest job boards are for all types of jobs in most regions of the world, tech jobs are for specialist tech workers, and remote boards are for remote jobs – bear in mind that most of these jobs are targeted to professionals with digital skills.  

Don’t just stick to one platform though, it’s best to get your CV across a few of these. We recommend is that you create a profile on a specialised recruiting platform (if you’re a developer, try WeAreDevelopers). Here, your profile will be shared with numerous local companies who are actively looking for candidates. It’s a great way to passively receive offers while you are actively searching. 

If you’re on LinkedIn, let recruiters know you are open to work (this can be done without alerting your current employer) – many recruitment agencies find candidates by filtering through LinkedIn. And since recruiters get a hiring commission, they are a huge help in finding jobs and setting up interviews. So if they reach out to you, let them help you. 

💼 Biggest job boards 

These are some of the biggest job boards in the world. You’ll likely already have a profile here and/or an understanding of how the platform works. Most of these sites have ‘Easy Apply’ which makes it very easy to mass apply. But this lower barrier to entry also means that there are going to be more candidates in the application pipeline, and therefore more competition.     

  • Indeed - International job board for all types of work. Plenty of opportunities for unskilled workers.

  • Monster - International job board for all types of work. Big in the United States but also present in Europe and the UK. 

  • Glassdoor - employee review site and international job board. As you apply, you can find additional insights into each company thanks to the employee reviews. There are many unskilled jobs advertised here.

  • FlexJobs - one of the biggest sites for finding hybrid and remote work options. All types of jobs on this site, from technical to low skill/entry-level. 

  • Wellfound - (formerly AngeList) great for startup jobs. Big presence in the United States, but the site isn’t used that much by companies in Europe, so there’s a lot less job opportunities there.

  • LinkedIn - social media platform and job board. You can set up alerts and get recommendations based on location preferences. Many recruiters filter through LinkedIn to find candidates, worth having an updated profile here. Make sure you are using all the keywords.

  • - available in over 78 countries. Although you can find opportunities in all fields, the job board seems predominantly aimed at low skilled work and blue collar jobs. 

💡 List out companies that you’d love to work for and then go find their career pages to see if they are hiring. If they aren’t, you can use LinkedIn to expand your search and find similar companies, ones that you might not have heard of. For every company you like, there are ten others doing the same thing, either in a different region or on a smaller scale. 

🌎 Remote

These boards are dedicated to remote jobs only. Most jobs advertised on these sites are for marketing, design, and engineering professionals. 

  • - although this site is more targeted toward companies, offering global HR solutions, there is still a job board where you can find some remote work opportunities.

  • Remotive - this is a great job board for tech professionals looking for remote work. Plenty of opportunities for senior developers in the USA, UK, and Europe. You can also find marketing and design jobs here, but these are less common.

  • - niche job board for techies looking to relocate. There are remote options here, but the focus is to match jobseekers with companies willing to hire and relocate them. Relocate to the EU, USA, or Japan.

  • WeWorkRemotely - this site has plenty of programming, product, design, sales & marketing jobs. Very popular site, can be quite competitive for marketing and customer support jobs.

  • JustRemote - smaller remote platform similar to WWR and Remotive.

  • Himalayas - remote job board based out of Australia.

🤓 Tech job boards

Specialised job platforms are exclusive job platforms for IT professionals like Software engineers, data specialists, product managers, etc. When you sign up to a specialised platform, companies who are partnered with the platform can reach out to you with job offers. Companies on these platforms are actively recruiting and sometimes exclusively hiring through these sites. It’s great for jobseekers since they can avoid the hassle of applying for job after job (no cover letters). Best for mid-level to senior tech professionals.

  • WeAreDevelopers - is widely regarded as the biggest tech-focussed job board in Germany (and Europe). This is a great place to start your job search. Create a profile in a few minutes and have your CV shared and recommended to companies actively searching for people with your expertise. You can also express interest in any of the jobs posted on the platform and check your compatibility (based on skills and experience). The best part is that there’s no cover letters, no application forms, and the company approaches you with an offer — not the other way around!
  • - is a tech-focussed platform based in Portugal. You can sign up if you are a Full-stack, front-end or back-end developer, DevOps, data scientists or engineers, product managers, mobile developers, UX or UI designers. LandingJobs also offers relocation support.

  • No Fluff Jobs - IT recruitment platform based in Poland. Most jobs are either remote or on site in Poland. Employers are required to publish a salary bracket in every advertisement. 

  • Just Join IT - another IT job platform based in Poland. There are opportunities across Europe but jobs are primarily based in Poland.

  • - niche job board for senior developers. Matching developers with remote jobs at fast-growing tech companies and startups.

  • Yeeply - remote tech work job board based out of Spain.

  • Japandev - English-speaking developer jobs in Japan.

  • Otta - tech job platform based in the UK. You can find work opportunities in the UK, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Ireland, and France. 

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🇪🇺 Job boards in Europe

Europe has its own unique set of job boards. You’ll also find that within each country, there are local job boards that are more active.   

  • WeAreDevelopers - tech job opportunities in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

  • Job&Talent - find flexible low skill jobs in Spain, Sweden, and the UK. No resume needed.

  • JobTeaser - find working student jobs and internships in Europe.

  • Zenjob - flexible low skill jobs in Germany. Earn money alongside your studies or main job, without the hassle of application processes or shift planning.

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🇬🇧 Job boards in UK

Here are a few sites that you might want to check if you are living in the UK.  

  • Flexa - find flexible employers. Part-time, hybrid, remote and 4-day week jobs.

  • Reed - UK’s #1 job site for recruitment. In Addition to job ads and search, Reed offers courses. Similar site to Indeed. 

🇺🇸 Job boards in North America

The United States is a whole different ball game. The preferred recruitment sites will vary based on state and city. The following are active across North America, but make sure you check those local boards to see if there are any better opportunities.

  • Andela - the world's largest private marketplace of skilled technical talent. AI-driven platform that matches tech talent with companies in the United States.

  • - connects jobseekers with the very best startups and tech companies hiring in NYC and San Francisco.
  • CareerBuilder - one of the largest job boards in America with a mixture of jobs from technical to low skilled and casual.

The Best Job Search Websites of 2024

January 17, 2024
min read

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