WeAreDevelopers World Congress

the worlD's leading event for developers AND TECH DECISION-MAKERS

17-19 July 2024 • Berlin, Germany

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»WeAreDevelopers is my favorite conference. It's the best event you can go to if you are a developer!«

Joel Spolsky
Founder of Stack Overflow, Trello, Glitch & HASH

The must-attend event for...

Software Developers
Software Architects
Cloud Engineers
AI Professionals
DevOps Engineers
UI/UX Engineers
QA Engineers
Security Specialists
Engineering Managers
Team Leads
Data Scientists
Project Managers
Product Managers
System Analysts
Tech Consultants
Tech Decision Makers
…and everyone involved in software and product business.

The entire Software Development Life Cycle

WeAreDevelopers World Congress is the best place to get a complete overview of recent insights and future trends in modern software development. Take the opportunity to grow your expertise and elevate your capabilities in crafting remarkable software and products.

Software Development

Explore the latest advancements in modern software development. Gain insights into efficient coding practices and modern  programming techniques essential for today's software landscape.

Programming Languages

Mastering the
Cloud Ecosystem

Discover the evolving world of cloud computing. Learn about scalable cloud architectures, security best practices, and the integration of cloud services into your development workflow.

Cloud Computing
Cloud DevOps
Cloud Security

Staying Ahead with AI & Machine Learning

Dive into the practical applications of AI and machine learning. Understand how these technologies are being implemented to solve complex problems and enhance user experiences.

Machine Learning
Data Engineering
Deep Learning

Software Architecture

Learn how to build robust and scalable software. Dive into architectural patterns, design principles, and strategies to address evolving demands while ensuring stability and performance.

System Design
Design Patterns

Optimizing Workflows with DevOps Excellence

Enhance your DevOps strategy and learn about efficient CI/CD practices. Understand how to automate your pipeline for faster, more reliable software releases.

Best Practices

Leading the Edge with Emerging Tech

Stay ahead with emerging technologies and  uncover how the latest advancements in tech are being integrated into products, offering new opportunities.

Quantum Computing
Edge Computing

People & Culture

Explore the art of fostering a productive, inclusive work environment and leading teams effectively in the ever-evolving landscape of the tech industry.

Leadership Skills
Team Building
Soft Skills
Career Growth
Future of Work

Business & Innovation

Bridge the gap between tech and business. Explore the essentials in developing successful tech-driven business strategies that drive growth and transformation.

Tech Leadership
Future Trends
Emerging Markets

Meet Experts And Decision-Makers from…

Stack Overflow
Red Hat
and more

»If you are part of the world of programming, this is the place to go.«

John Romero
Award-winning Game Creator | Father of FPS | DOOM, Quake, Wolfenstein

»WeAreDevelopers is the place where you meet everyone else in the industry and learn about the latest things.«

David Singleton
CTO, Stripe

Join WHERE the Magic Happens

WeAreDevelopers World Congress is not just an event; it's where the history of software development is made.

Here are just a few groundbreaking moments from the last editions.

GitHub CEO Thomas Dohmke took the WeAreDevelopers stage for not only his first public appearance, but also to unveil the first public demo of GitHub Copilot.

Stack Overflow CEO Prashanth Chandrasekar revealed OverflowAI - Stack Overflow's answer to Copilot live on the WeAreDevelopers stage.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak captivated the audience by sharing his insights and sparking discussions about tech's next disruptors.

Microsoft's Amanda Silver, Scott Hanselman, Chris Heilmann, and Torsten Stiller announced the end of Internet Explorer and unveiled a bold vision for the future of browsers.

The inventor of the Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, outlined his vision for the future of the web, where people regain control of their data.

A trip to space (literally) was offered to two lucky developers by WeAreDevelopers partner Rapyd, as they launched an out-of-this-world coding challenge!

Legendary DJ Tiësto took center stage at the biggest developer party ever, proving that they not only work hard but also play hard.

Founder of Stack Overflow and Trello, Joel Spolsky, announced the next big era of the web: Generative AI.

What announcements and highlights are in store for you at this year's WeAreDevelopers World Congress?
Secure your spot and be there when tech history happens.

»Hard to believe! This is the largest group I’ve ever been in front of. Honored to be here. All the people I’m meeting just
remind me of myself!«

Steve Wozniak
Co-founder of Apple


Prepare for multiple days full of engaging activities and inspiring content. Here are the most important dates to keep in mind.

Day 0

17 July 2024
Pre-checkin & badge pickup
Satellite events
Tech Leaders Night
for tech industry leaders, decision-makers, speakers and special guests

Day 1

18 July 2024
Official Congress Opening
Main Congress Program
Tech Expo (40,000+ sqm)
Booth Crawl
CODE100 Finals
Europe's Ultimate Coding Competition
Congress Party 🔥

Day 2

19 July 2024
Main Congress Program
CODE100 Ceremony
Tech Expo (40,000+ sqm)
Closing Keynote


Professional Growth

Get a complete overview of recent insights, best practices and future trends in modern software development.

Connect and Network

Meet like-minded people and expand your career, business and industry network. Yes, it's also a perfect opportunity to do team-building or just meet old and make new friends.

Brilliant Speakers

Meet the most exciting names from the world of software development. Come and listen to their stories, hear their ideas, absorb their knowledge and learn from the best.

Welcome our Speakers

WeAreDevelopers World Congress is honored to host a top-notch lineup of speakers who are at the forefront of technology and innovation.

Each year, we are privileged to bring together visionary thinkers, industry leaders, and innovative developers who are not just shaping the future of technology, but redefining it.

Please welcome the first batch of confirmed speakers, and stay tuned as we continue to unveil more exceptional talents joining our lineup.

Scott Farquhar
Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Atlassian
Prashanth Chandrasekar
CEO of Stack Overflow
Scott Hanselman
VP of Developer Community at Microsoft
Thomas Dohmke
CEO, GitHub
Demetris Cheatham
Chief of Staff for the CEO of GitHub
Rajeev Rajan
CTO at Atlassian
Jonas Andrulis
Founder & CEO of Aleph Alpha
David Heinemeier Hansson
Creator of Ruby on Rails, Co-owner & CTO of 37signals
Denis Yarats
Co-founder and CTO of Perplexity
Douglas Crockford
Inventor of JSON, JavaScript Author
Sue Quackenbush
Chief People Officer at Dynatrace
Georgeana Trofim
VP Engineering and Data at Booking.com
Juergen Mueller
Chief Technology Officer at SAP
Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau
Special Envoy, Techleap
Jan Goetz
CEO and Co-founder of IQM Quantum Computers
Scott Chacon
Co-founder of GitHub | CEO at GitButler
Kris Rasmussen
CTO at Figma
Tobias Regenfuss
Senior Managing Director at Accenture
David Simas
MD Emerson Collective, Fmr. CEO of Obama Foundation & White House Political Director
Noga Mann
Engineering Manager at Figma
John Woods
CTO at Algorand Foundation
Chris Wysopal
CTO & Co-founder at Veracode
Peter Bosch
John Romero
Award-winning Game Creator | Father of FPS | DOOM, Quake, Wolfenstein
Ankit Patel
Senior Director & Product Leader at NVIDIA
Brenda Romero
Award-winning Game Designer
Maezza Romero
Community Manager at Romero Games
Katrin Lehmann
CIO of Mercedes-Benz
Ulrich Irnich
Chief Information Officer at Vodafone Germany
Ray Eitel-Porter
Former Global Responsible AI Lead at Accenture
Alex Soto
Director of Developer Experience at Red Hat
Mike Butcher
Editor-at-large at TechCrunch
Stephan Gillich
Head of EMEA AI Center of Excellence at Intel
Dan Tao
Head of Engineering for DevOps at Atlassian
Helmut Reisinger
CEO for EMEA and LATAM, Palo Alto Networks
Madona Wambua
CTO & Founder of Jibu Labs
Christian Wiebus
Senior Director for New Business and Innovation at NXP Semiconductors
Angie Jones
Global VP of Developer Relations at TBD
Wei Hu
Senior VP of Research and Development at Oracle
Gift Egwuenu
Developer Advocate at Cloudflare
Carlos Sanchez
Principal Scientist at Adobe
Luca Mezzalira
Principal Solutions Architect at AWS | O'Reilly Author | Ex-VP at DAZN
Francesco Ciulla
Developer Advocate at daily.dev | Docker Captain
Michael Hunger
Head of Product Innovation at Neo4j
Arno Schödl
Founder & CTO at think-cell
Matthias Henze
CEO & Founder of Jimdo
Eric Steinberger
Co-founder & CEO at Magic.dev
Anna J. McDougall
Director of Engineering | TEDx Speaker | Author of “You Belong in Tech” | Google Women Techmakers Ambassador
Hendrik Ebbers
Board of Directors Eclipse Foundation | CEO of OpenElements
Hannes Preishuber
CEO ppedv AG
Mabrouk Mahdhi
Senior Technical Consultant for eBiz Consulting GmbH
Maxim Salnikov
Developer Productivity Lead at Microsoft
Christian Heilmann
VP Developer Relations at WeAreDevelopers
Karin Janina Schweizer
Director Azure Digital & Application Innovation at Microsoft
Matic Petrič
Quantum Computing Researcher at Fraunhofer FOKUS
Raphael Seidel
Senior Researcher at Fraunhofer FOKUS
Martina Kraus
Google Developer Expert Angular at Kraus Consulting IT
Alexandra Waldherr
ML & Quantum Computing Enthusiast
Alayshia Knighten
Customer Architect at Pulumi
Linda Stauffenberg
Managing Director at Experience One AG

...and while we prepare our next announcements, make sure to save your spot at the world's leading event for developers and tech decision-makers.

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17-19 July 2024 • Berlin, Germany

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»Developers are the ones who build the future.«

Garry Kasparov
AI Pioneer, Human Rights Activist
World Chess Champion

»Participating is certainly one of the most thrilling experiences one can have in this industry.«

Felix Wotschofsky
CODE100 Ultimate Champion 2023

Step into the arena of Europe's Ultimate Coding Competition to compete for an extensive prize pool in an unforgettable live showdown.

WE Celebrate Developers

Welcome to the WeAreDevelopers World Congress, recognized by many as the world's flagship event for developers and tech decision-makers. This designation is both an honor and a responsibility, underscoring our goal to provide more than just another tech conference.

Here, remarkable tech leaders, pioneers, innovators, builders, creators and visionaries come together with a vibrant community to share ideas and discuss the trends and challenges of modern software development. It's not just about networking, but celebrating the essence of development and enjoying shared learning.

Our mission extends beyond code. It’s about empowering each one of you to drive forward the wheel of tech innovation, making a lasting impact on the industry and the world at large.
It's our collective stride towards creating a better, tech-driven future.

See you at the forefront of tech evolution,
Sead Ahmetovic
CEO, WeAreDevelopers

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Diversity & Inclusion
At WeAreDevelopers events we empower underrepresented groups by giving them the stage to share their knowledge and experiences. It is crucial for our international events to bring together the perspectives of people with different backgrounds.
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