»The most amazing line-up a developer conference has ever had«

More than 300 speakers are going to share their knowledge and experience with an amazing audience. The line-up consists of true experts from the developer world, including some of the most sounding names from the industry.

Prashanth Chandrasekar
CEO of Stack Overflow
Stormy Peters
VP of Communities at GitHub | Director, The Linux Foundation
Joel Spolsky
Founder of Stack Overflow, Trello, Glitch, and HASH
David Singleton
CTO at Stripe
Arik Shtilman
CEO and Co-Founder of Rapyd
John Romero
Award-winning Game Creator | Father of FPS | DOOM, Quake, Wolfenstein
Brenda Romero
Award-winning Game Designer
Miško Hevery
Inventor of Angular/AnuglarJS | CTO at Builder.io
Anu Bharadwaj
President of Atlassian
Dan Abramov
Software Engineer at Meta
Angie Jones
Head of Developer Relations at Block | Java Champion | GitHub Star
Scott Chacon
Co-founder of GitHub | CEO at GitButler
Jaroslaw Kutylowski
Founder & CEO at DeepL
Wei Hu
Senior VP of Research and Development at Oracle
Tim Cadenbach
Developer Evangelist at DeepL
Anna John
Head of Engineering at N26
Mike Butcher
Editor-at-large at TechCrunch
Francesco Ciulla
Developer Advocate at daily.dev | Docker Captain
Martin Wezowski
Chief Futurist at SAP
Rahima Yakoob
Head of Software Development at Porsche AG
Maezza Romero
Community Manager at Romero Games
Ire Aderinokun
Cofounder, COO, and VP Engineering at Helicarrier
Yenny Cheung
Engineering and Product Executive
Keren Kenzi
Senior Software Engineer | Tech Community Manager | Public Speaker
Olivier Gaudin
CEO & Co-Founder at Sonar
Julia Furst
Global Technologist at Veeam
Thomas Pamminger
CPO & Co-Founder at WeAreDevelopers
Rowdy Rabouw
Front-End Focused Senior DevOps Engineer
Daniel Roe
Framework lead at Nuxt
Igor Todorovski
Lead Software Developer at IBM
Mihailo Joksimovic
Senior Software Engineer @ Azure SQL MI at Microsoft
Valeria Barsukov
Frontend Developer at Freeyou AG
Moh’d Bilal Anas Abualhuda
iOS Developer at ING
Andreas Kollegger
Developer Advocate at Neo4j
Duan Lightfoot
Sr. Cloud Networking Developer Advocate at AWS
David Vlijmincx
Senior Java Developer at Team Rockstars
Ryan Arndt
Developer Evangelist (Education) at swirldslabs
Nemanja Petrovic
Tech Lead at Badin Soft
Jonas Wackerbarth
Associate Architect at Capgemini Deutschland GmbH
Sander Mangel
Technical Solutions Architect at Shopware AG
Nils Kasseckert
Founder & CEO at Codecreators
Priscila Oliveira
Software Engineer at Sentry
Hendrik Ebbers
Board of Directors Eclipse Foundation | CEO of OpenElements
Polina Patsulda
Senior Business Functional Analyst at Deutsche Bank
Victor del Rosal
Founder at fiveinnolabs
Alexander Pirker
Senior Security Consultant
Tim Schade
Senior Software Architect at GFT
Dora Petrella
Senior Data Scientist at Metro.digital
Hila Fish
Senior DevOps Engineer at Wix.com
Aleksandra Sikora
Fullstack Developer
David Dal Busco
Creator of Juno
Bilal Karim Reffas
Software Engineering Manager at Bosch
David Peter Hirsch
OSPO Program Manager at Dynatrace
Arlemi Turpault
Developer Advocacy Lead at Postman
Tomaz Bratanic
Graph Data Analyst at Neo4j
Michael Siregar
Engineer at DeepL
Omar Gallo
Ruby on Rails Consultant & DevOps specialist
Frank Zechert
Senior Software Engineer at Capgemini
Michael Cade
Field CTO, Cloud-Native & OSS at Kasten by Veeam
Anna Kinez
Sports Kinesiologist & Health Coach
Maurice Brinkmann
Product Owner at STACKIT Cloud Foundry
Ekaterina Sirazitdinova
Sr. Data Scientist at NVIDIA
Noam Honig
CEO & Co-Founder at Firefly Migration
Joel Lord
Developer Advocate at MongoDB
Phil Helliwell
Software Engineer at Vodafone Foundation
Sebastian Schrittwieser
Security and Privacy Research Group at University of Vienna
Christian Rades
Principal Engineer at Shopware
Hila Israeli
Senior Software Engineer and Scrum Master at Ownbackup
Filip Hric
DevRel at Replay.io
Dennis Peld
Software Engineer at Amboss
Catharina Bauch
Lead Software Engineer at Capgemini
Witek Socha
Technical Product Owner for CKEditor 5
Prof. Dr.-Ing Falk Langer
IAV Gmbh
Rupak Chakraborty
Engineering Lead at eyeo GmbH
Nele Lea Uhlemann
Developer Advocate at Fiberplane
Roland H. Grabner
Professor of Educational Neuroscience at University of Graz
Justyna Walkowska
Group Product Manager at DeepL
Stefan Hofer
Trainer & Consultant at WPS - Workplace Solutions
Eleftheria Batsou
Community Manager at @CrabNebulaDev
Reka Horvath
Developer Advocate at Sourcery
Giorgio Boa
Full stack developer at Claranet
Richard Bown
Independent Software Consultant
Radu Matei
Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Fermyon
Dávid Lévai
Content Creator, Indie Developer at Pier 418 OĂś
Marco Plaul
Senior Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services
Zaid Zaim
Spatial Computing Expert at Ignore Gravity | Microsoft MVP
Tatiana Chervova
Lead Technical Consultant at NTT DATA
Bastian Eicher
Software Engineer at DeepL
Axel Barbier
Technical enterprise architecture at powercloud
Falk Sippach
Software Architect at embarc Software Consulting GmbH
Luca Micieli
Head of Web at xtream srl
Aarik Mudgal
Engineering Domain Owner at Metro Digital GmbH
Liran Tal
GitHub Star | Director of Developer Advocacy at Snyk
Mikkel Mørk Hegnhøj
Head of Product and DevRel at Fermyon
Paul Gerste
Vulnerability Researcher at Sonar
Fredrik Danielsson
Product Manager, TinyMCE
Markus Walker
Software Engineer at PRODYNA SE
Mathias Tausig
Senior Security Consultant at SBA Research
Alexander Lichter
Web Development Consultant at Developmint
Dana Pietralla
CEO & Co-Founder at paged
Natalia Freyre
Tech Partner at Globant
Karthik Ganeshram
Software Engineer at Fermyon Technologies
Stefan Schöberl
Researcher and Senior Software Engineer at Software Competence Center Hagenberg
George Asafev
Senior Software Engineer at Miro
Mattias Jonsson
Senior Database Engineer at PingCAP
Alberto Acerbis
Software architect at Intré S.r.L.
Alla Pavlova
Sourcing Talent Partner, Interim at Riot Games
Diana Gastrin
Software Engineer at Apple
Daniel Bauer
Senior Software Developer at Automated Software Testing GmbH
Jon Geater
Chief Product & Technology Officer, Co-Founder at RKVST
Tom Wheeler
Principal Curriculum Developer and Developer Advocate at Temporal Technologies Inc.
William Bishop
Staff Developer Advocate at Miro
Eberhard Wolff
Head of Architecture at SWAGLab
Tanja Ulianova
Software Engineer at inovex GmbH
Oliver Sturm
Training Director at DevExpress
Jose Maria Valera Reales
Tech Lead at Lautsprecher Teufel GmbH
Gerta Sheganaku
COO at LocalStack
Tatiana Chervova
Lead Technical Consultant at NTT DATA
Jan-Christoph Schlieker
Head of Architecture Management at Finanz Informatik
Lars Hupel
Chief Evangelist at Giesecke+Devrient
Damir Dobric
Lead Software Architect at daenet GmbH - ACP Digital
Sylvia Dieckmann
Freelance Developer at Rozendal Labs
Alexander Hurbean
IT-Security Consultant at Certitude Consulting GmbH
Philipp Krenn
Developer at Elastic
Andreas Erben
CTO Applied AI and Metaverse at daenet
Tino Sokic
Daniël van Eeden
Technical Support Engineer at PingCAP
Anupam Krishnamurthy
Test Automation Engineer / IT Consultant at Bitgrip GmbH
MIlan Todorović
Apple Certified Trainer at Crossover
Jiří Činčura
Software Engineer at Microsoft
Arno Schödl
Founder & CTO at think-cell
Michele Caci
Software Engineer at Amadeus
Milica Aleksic
Software Engineer at Badin Soft
James Robertson
Developer Advocate at Sendbird
Karen Huaulme
Principal Developer Advocate at MongoDB
Tobias Goeschel
Senior Solutions Architect, FSI at Amazon Web Services
Jemiah Sius
Director, Product Management at New Relic
Michael Contento
Full-Stack Developer at Xpirit Germany GmbH
Hamase Kasiri
Lead Developer at Deutsche Kreditbank AG
Imran Nazar
Frontend Developer at DeviantArt
Harry Kimpel
Principal Developer Relations Engineer at New Relic
Cheuk Ho
Open Source Developer, python community leader, diversity and inclusion activist
Richard Fichtner
Principal Software Architect at XDEV Software GmbH
Thorsten Jakoby
Directory Technology Expertise at Novatec Consulting GmbH
Justas RafanaviÄŤius
Tech Lead at Nord Security
Alexandre Borges
Software Engineer at Eneco
Lorenzo Pieri
Full Stack Software Engineer at birdie
Lucien Immink
Software Architect & Developer Advocate at iO
Ramona Schwering
Software Engineer at shopware AG
Dr. Andre Retterath
Partner at Earlybird Venture Capital
Erick Wendel
Professional Educator at Erick Wendel Training
Jonas Andrulis
Founder & CEO at Aleph Alpha
Irina Artemeva
Language Engineer & Consultant at TypeFox
Markus Kett
CEO, Principal Software Architect at MicroStream Software GmbH
Jens Claes
Senior Software Engineer at DataCamp
Christian Giesswein
CEO at Giesswein Software Solutions
Stefan Baumgartner
Senior Product Architect at Dynatrace
Isabell Heider
Associate Security Consultant at IBM Deutschland GmbH
Mohit Sharma
Developer Advocate at MongoDB
Codrina Merigo
Digital Product Manager at FMC
Tomislav Tipurić
Chief Technology Officer at Nephos
Mathias Tausig
Senior Security Consultant at SBA Research
Marco Otte-Witte
Founder at Mainmatter GmbH
Sarah Alina Fox
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin fĂĽr Kommunikation und Wissensmanagement at involas Institut fĂĽr berufliche Bildung, Arbeitsmarkt- und Sozialpolitik GmbH
Mustafa Toroman
CTO at run.events
Dr. Oliver Wäldrich
Lead Developer and Software Architect at Deutsche Kreditbank AG
Liz Moy
Developer Advocate at Evervault
Alex Walling
Field CTO at Rapid
Fredrik Danielsson
Product Manager at https://github.com/tinymce/tinymce
Matt Butcher
Founder & CEO at Fermyon
Tomas Votruba
CEO/developer at Rector
Llywelyn Griffith-Swain
Head of Digital SRE at Vodafone UK
Clemens Helm
CEO at DevCraft Academy
Alexander Bubeck
Principal Cloud Architect & People Lead at ZĂĽhlke Engineering GmbH
Sanna Cedergren
Partner & Tech savvy visionary at Netlight
Balázs Kiss
Lead Trainer, Development Lead at Cydrill Software Security Ltd.
Thomas Chauchefoin
Vulnerability Researcher at Sonar
Julia Zacharias
Senior VP of Customer Operations EMEA at Applause Gmbh
Nico Enking
Senior Software Architect at Finanz Informatik
Andrés Escobar
Senior Flutter Engineer at Tide LTD
Marcy Ericka Charollois
content strategist consultant at Merci Marcy
Olaf Stein
Head of Services at Edge Delta
Doina Popa
CEO, MD at InnoTrue GmbH
Wolfgang Ettlinger
Director Software Security at Certitude Consulting GmbH
Anna Leushchenko
Senior Staff Mobile Engineer at Tide
Markus Harrer
Senior Consultant at INNOQ
Marius Obert
Developer Evangelist at Twilio
Daniel Roe
Framework lead at Nuxt
Lorenzo Gabriele
Software Engineer at Codacy
Mirna Alaisami
Senior Consultant at Novatec Consulting GmbH
Wesley Cabus
Coding Architect at Xebia | Xpirit
Tav Herzlich
Software engineer at Cisco
Andreas Kaldun
Head of Optics Design Projection and Test Optics at Carl Zeiss SMT GmbH
Olena Borzenko-Turianska
Software Consultant at Xpirit Germany
Tomas Vaškevičius
Technical Lead at NordSecurity
Christian Woerz
Senior fullstack developer at Freelancer
Lars Kölker
Owner at Lars Kölker - Softwarelösungen
Patricio Vargas
Staff Developer Advocate at PayPal
Daniel Gaszewski
IT consultant / .NET Developer at Sopra Steria Sweden
Jakub Andrzejewski
Senior Developer & Advocate at Vue Storefront
Eddy Vinck
Software Engineer at FrontValue
Robert Bräutigam
Freelancer at prewave.ai
Eldert Grootenboer
Program Manager Azure Service Bus at Microsoft
Maxim Fateev
CEO/Cofounder at Temporal