»The most amazing line-up a developer conference has ever had«

More than 250 speakers are going to share their knowledge and experience with an amazing audience. The line-up consists of true experts from the developer world, including some of the most sounding names from the industry.

Thomas Dohmke
CEO, GitHub
Joel Spolsky
Founder of Stack Overflow, Trello, Glitch, and HASH
Bjarne Stroustrup
Inventor of C++
Cassie Kozyrkov
Chief Decision Scientist at Google
Toju Duke
Responsible AI Programme Manager at Google
Håkon Wium Lie
Inventor of CSS | Web Standards Activist
David Singleton
CTO at Stripe
Miško Hevery
Inventor of Angular/AngularJS | CTO at builder.io
Douglas Crockford
Supreme Leader at Virgule-Solidus | Inventor of JSON | JavaScript Guru
Laurie Voss
Co-founder of npm | Data Evangelist at Netlify
Stefania Chaplin
Solutions Architect at Gitlab
Jeremy Keith
Founder of Clearleft; Author; Tech Speaker
John Romero
Award-winning Game Creator | Father of FPS | DOOM, Quake, Wolfenstein
Humera Minhas
Machine Learning Engineering Lead at eyeo GmbH
Flavilla Fongang
Founder of 3 Colours Rule
Armin Ronacher
Principal Architect at Sentry
Johanna Pirker
AI VR Researcher; Asst. Professor, Game Lab Graz at Graz University of Technology
Tomáš Čupr
Founder & CEO at Rohlik Group
Luca Mezzalira
Principal Solutions Architect at AWS | O'Reilly Author | Ex-VP at DAZN
Ire Aderinokun
Co-founder & VP Engineering at Helicarrier
Wei Hu
Senior Vice President of Research and Development at Oracle
Nikita Shamgunov
Partner at Khosla Ventures
Teresa Conceicao
Senior Solutions Architect - Robotics, AI and Simulation at NVIDIA
Francesco Ciulla
Developer Advocate at daily.dev | Docker Captain
Kuassi Mensah
Director of Product Management at Oracle
Clemens Vasters
Principal Architect at Microsoft
Dajana Jeđud
Java Web Developer & Engagement Lead at IBM iX
Kristijan Ristovski
CEO of Sizzy, Teacher at React Academy
Sead Ahmetovic
CEO & Co-founder of WeAreDevelopers
Carolyn Stransky
Journalist | Software Engineer at BRYTER
Nathalia Rus
Co-Founder & Engineer at Custodian
Josh Long
Spring Developer Advocate at Tanzu (a division of VMWare)
Ivar Grimstad
Jakarta EE Developer Advocate at the Eclipse Foundation
Steve Upton
Lead QA Consultant at Thoughtworks
Nazneen Rupawalla
Lead Security Consultant at Thoughtworks
Eli Holderness
Developer Advocate at Anvil
Alex Soto
Director of Developer Experience at Red Hat
Robert Hoffmann
Senior Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services
Steve Gordon
Senior Engineer at Elastic, Microsoft MVP and Pluralsight author
Benjamin Ruschin
Managing Partner at Big Cheese Ventures
Kyle Mathews
Founder & CTO of Gatsby
Mark Kaslatter
Managing Partner at Big Cheese Ventures
Valentine Awe
Software Engineer at Hubs
Rowdy Rabouw
Web & App Developer, Sr. DevOps, International Tech Speaker
Ekaterina Sirazitdinova
Senior Data Scientist at NVIDIA
Andrey Goncharov
Software Engineer at Meta
Tomislav Čleković
Head of Electrical Engineering at Rimac Technology d.o.o.
Daniel Strmečki
Director Digital Platforms at IBM iX
Tomislav Tipurić
Chief Technology Officer at Nephos
Sarah Hutchins
Quality Strategist at AMBOSS
Alexandra Waldherr
ML & Quantum Computing Enthusiast
Manfred Steyer
Trainer & Consultant at ANGULARarchitects.io; GDE; Microsoft MVP
Alba Rivas
Principal Developer Advocate at Salesforce
Miro Spönemann
Software Architect and General Manager at TypeFox
Grzegorz Lang
.NET Developer in Online Solutions
Andrew Pruski
SQL Server DBA at Channel Advisor
Zaid Zaim
Mixed Reality Catalyst at Hololux | Microsoft MVP
Lynn Longo
CTO at Cariad
Christoph Menzel
Head of Mobile Apps & Web Apps at Method Park Engineering GmbH
Mete Atamel
Developer Advocate at Google
Ivan Foro
SAP CX/Java Web Developer at IBM iX
Carola Lilienthal
Managing Director of Workplace Solutions GmbH
Alexander Pirker
Senior Security Consultant at RootSys
Mihailo Joksimovic
Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft
Philipp Krenn
Developer Advocate at Elastic
Federico Fregosi
VP of Engineering at Contino
Alexandre Borges
Senior Software Engineer at Coolblue
Tonima Afroze
Experienced Engineer at Spotify
Domenik Reitzner
Dev Lead at Emakina CEE
Michele Riva
Senior Software Architect at NearForm | Book Author | International Speaker
Niels Tanis
Principal Security Researcher at Veracode
Forud Ghafouri
Engineering Manager at Delivery Hero
Sebastián Ramírez
Creator of FastAPI, Staff Software Engineer at Forethought
Laura Morinigo
Web Developer Advocate at Samsung Internet
Jan Zawadzki
Head of Artificial Intelligence at CARIAD SE
Arto Liukkonen
Lead Engineer at Smartly.io
Catharina Bauch
Software Engineer at Capgemini
Maria Daniela Lica
Product Coaching Domain Manager at METRO.digital
Johannes Haux
Managing Director at Sysmagine GmbH
Marc Backes
DevRel Lead at WeAreDevelopers, Vue Enthusiast
Tamimi Ahmad
Developer Advocate at Solace
Julia Reinhold
Senior Frontend Developer at Bitgrip GmbH
Roy Derks
Developer Relations at StepZen
Marton Kodok
Senior Software Architect at REEA.net
Mary Grygleski
Senior Streaming Developer Advocate at DataStax
Stephanie Hohendorff
Product Owner Sustainable Finance Software at KfW
Ben Greenberg
Lead Developer Relations Engineer at New Relic
Stefan Nikolic
Software Engineer at Badin Soft
Sophie Chung
CEO & Founder Qunomedical
Nicolas Fränkel
Developer Advocate at Hazelcast
Tal Joffe
Engineering Director at Nielsen | Tech Writer
Dominik Kress
Product Owner of STACKIT Cloud Foundry at Schwarz IT
Milica Aleksic
Software Engineer at Badin Soft
Alexandra Nicolae
Señorita Product Owner | Innovation Firestarter | Axel Springer SE
Karine Rübner
Head of Sustainability at Diconium
Martin Gluhak
Java Web Developer at IBM iX
Stefan Baumgartner
Software Architect at Dynatrace
Martin Fürstenau
Lead Developer (Expert) at DKB Code Factory GmbH
Henrik Rexed
Cloud Native Advocate at Dynatrace
Keren Kenzi
Senior Software Engineer at Torii
Gerrit Stapper
Software Engineer at Accenture
Kitty Jose
Senior Knowledge Engineer at TerminusDB
Whitney Lee
Staff Developer Advocate at VMware
Dragan Petric
Executive Editor at Bug
Andrew Martin
CEO of Control Plane
Shai Almog
Developer Advocate at Lightrun
Denis Grahovac
Software Development Manager at Rimac Automobili
Tino Sokic
Infromation Security Professional, CEO of DobarDan.net
Lars Hupel
Senior Consultant at INNOQ
Rita Castro
Software Engineer at VW SDC Lisbon
Kaya Sohyun Kim
Senior Designer at VW Group
Timo Zander
Business IT Consulting at Senacor Technologies
Rainer Stropek
Co-founder & CEO of Software Architects GmbH
Kilian Kluge
Co-Founder & CEO of Inlinity Technologies GmbH
Nils Kasseckert
CEO of Codecreators
Christian Liebel
Web Developer at Thinktecture AG
Jochen Supper
Head of Development - Global Digital Factory at Allianz Technology
Jemima Abu
Front End Develope at WeMakeWebsites
Neda Divbandi
Senior Backend Developer at Global Fashion Group Berlin
Henk Boelman
Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft
Bartosz Pietrucha
Software Engineer and Trainer at Dev-Academy.com
Anil Kumar Krishnashetty
Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager at Lokalise
Florian Rappl
Solution Architect at smapiot
Ivan Hofer
Senior Software Engineer at iteratec GmbH
Gopal S Akshintala
Lead member of Technical Staff at Salesforce
Nikolas Burk
Developer Advocate at Prisma
Falk-Moritz Schaefer
IT/OT Engineering Lead at Accenture
Alexander Rothenberg
Head of Software Quality Assurance at Deutsche Kreditbank AG
Mesut Durukal
Test Automation Lead at Rapyuta Robotics
Michael Cade
Senior Technologist at Kasten by Veeam
Adrián Bolonio
Accessibility Software Engineering at GitHub
Bilal Cinarli
Sr. Engineering Manager at RapidAPI
Tobias Siebert
Senior Software Developer - Global Digital Factory at Allianz Technology
Julien Lengrand-Lambert
Developer Advocate at Adyen
Awi Lifshitz
CEO of weXelerate
Simon Lasselsberger
Founder of Lasssim - Software Architecture and Development Consulting
Anuradha Kumari
Frontend Consultant at Passionate People
Tim Klausmann
Experimentation Lead in the Product & Technology - User Insights Department at Idealo
Micah Silverman
Lead Developer Advocate at Snyk
Tanja Ulianova
Fullstack Web Developer at inovex GmbH
Natan Silnitsky
Backend Infra Developer at Wix.com
Miki Lombardi
Full Stack Engineer at Growens
Mario Meir-Huber
Head of Data at UNIQA Insurance Group AG
Falk Tandetzky
Technology Architecture Delivery Associate Manager at Accenture
Stacy Cashmore
Tech Explorer DevOps at Omniplan
Addison Schultz
Developer Advocate at Miro
Alexej Sommer
Lead Software Engineer at Capgemini
Simon Auer
CEO of marqably
Hugo Lassiège
CTO at Malt
Nrithya Muniswamy
Data Scientist at KONUX GmbH
Sagar Veeranna Shiva
ITOT Engineering at Accenture
Lewis Tuff
VP of Engineering at Blockchain.com
Andrew Reddikh
Senior Software Engineer at EMMA
My Trang Hong
Software Engineer at PRODYNA SE
Andrea Stubbe
VP of Product at commercetools
Alex Korzhikov
Dev IT Engineer at ING
Christoph Richter
Partner at Newmoon Web3 Accelerator
Michel Ebner
Data Engineer at sevDesk GmbH
Ivan Burazin
Chief Developer Experience Officer at Infobip
Timothy Spann
Developer Advocate at StreamNative
Elad Shechter
CSS/HTML Architect at Appwrite
Tim Hoffmann
Simulation Architect Digital Twin at Carl Zeiss SMT GmbH
Shodipo Ayomide
Global Head of Developer Advocacy at Polygon
Dimitri Baeli
Member of the Tech Staff at BackMarket
Marija Selakovic
Developer Advocate at Crate.io
Lothar Schulz
Head of Engineering at Miro
Roman Zabeida
Senior Software Engineer at Evernest
Sivan Biham
Computer Vision and Machine Learning Algorithm Developer at Healthy.io
Jan Schweiger
CEO & Co-Founder of HuForce
Konstantin Tieber
Staff Software Engineer at LeanIX GmbH
Rene Heinzl
CEO and Founder of Brantner Digital Solutions GmbH
Arlemi Turpault
Senior Developer Advocate at Postman
Kurt Wuckert
Chief Bitcoin Historian at Coingeek
Mateusz Ostafil
Technology Evangelist at Divante
Noaa Barki
Software Engineer at Datree
Timo Knapp
Software Engineer at Porsche AG
Malin Litwinski
Senior Software Developer at The Segovia / Crown Agents Bank
Simon Martinelli
Owner & Programming Architect at 72 Services GmbH
Matthias Falkenberg
Senior Software Engineer at Porsche AG
Josip Primorac
Java Web Developer at IBM iX
Olena Kutsenko
Developer Advocate at aiven.io
Volker Zöpfel
Cross-Domain Architect Infrastructure at Schwarz IT KG
Michael Wallner
Sr. Sustainability Consultant AI/ML at Amazon Web Services
Josip Mlakar
Technical Architect at IBM iX
Leo Lindhorst
Management Consultant at ZEISS Digital Innovation
Pablo Weremczuk
Full Stack Developer at Barclays Investment Bank
André Dietrich
Researcher at the TU Bergakademie in Freiberg
Parag Parekh
Global Chief Technology Officer at IKEA Retail