Welcome our Speakers

WeAreDevelopers World Congress is honored to host a top-notch lineup of speakers who are at the forefront of technology and innovation.

Each year, we are privileged to bring together visionary thinkers, industry leaders, and innovative developers who are not just shaping the future of technology, but redefining it.

Please welcome the first batch of confirmed speakers, and stay tuned as we continue to unveil more exceptional talents joining our lineup.

Scott Farquhar
Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Atlassian
Prashanth Chandrasekar
CEO of Stack Overflow
Scott Hanselman
VP of Developer Community at Microsoft
Thomas Dohmke
CEO, GitHub
Demetris Cheatham
Chief of Staff for the CEO of GitHub
Jonas Andrulis
Founder & CEO of Aleph Alpha
David Heinemeier Hansson
Creator of Ruby on Rails, Co-owner & CTO of 37signals
Denis Yarats
Co-founder and CTO of Perplexity
Douglas Crockford
Inventor of JSON, JavaScript Author
Sue Quackenbush
Chief People Officer at Dynatrace
Georgeana Trofim
VP Engineering and Data at Booking.com
Jürgen Müller
Chief Technology Officer at SAP
Constantijn van Oranje
Special Envoy, Techleap
Jan Goetz
CEO and Co-founder of IQM Quantum Computers
Scott Chacon
Co-founder of GitHub | CEO at GitButler
Kris Rasmussen
CTO at Figma
Tobias Regenfuss
Senior Managing Director at Accenture
David Simas
MD at Emerson Collective, Ex CEO of Obama Foundation, White House Political Director
Noga Mann
Engineering Manager at Figma
John Woods
CTO at Algorand Foundation
Chris Wysopal
CTO & Co-founder at Veracode
Peter Bosch
John Romero
Award-winning Game Creator | Father of FPS | DOOM, Quake, Wolfenstein
Ankit Patel
Senior Director & Product Leaders at NVIDIA
Brenda Romero
Award-winning Game Designer
Maezza Romero
Community Manager at Romero Games
Katrin Lehmann
Chief Information Officer of Mercedes-Benz Group AG and Mercedes-Benz AG
Ulrich Irnich
Chief Information Officer at Vodafone Germany
Ray Eitel-Porter
Former Global Responsible AI Lead at Accenture
Alex Soto
Director of Developer Experience at Red Hat
Mike Butcher
Editor-at-large at TechCrunch
Stephan Gillich
Head of EMEA AI Center of Excellence at Intel
Dan Tao
Head of Engineering for DevOps at Atlassian
Helmut Reisinger
CEO for EMEA and LATAM, Palo Alto Networks
Madona Wambua
CTO & Founder of Jibu Labs
Christian Wiebus
Senior Director for New Business and Innovation at NXP Semiconductors
Angie Jones
Global VP of Developer Relations at TBD
Wei Hu
Senior VP of Research and Development at Oracle
Gift Egwuenu
Developer Advocate at Cloudflare
Carlos Sanchez
Principal Scientist at Adobe
Luca Mezzalira
Principal Solutions Architect at AWS | O'Reilly Author | Ex-VP at DAZN
Francesco Ciulla
Developer Advocate at daily.dev | Docker Captain
Michael Hunger
Head of Product Innovation at Neo4j
Arno Schödl
Founder & CTO at think-cell
Matthias Henze
CEO & Founder of Jimdo
Eric Steinberger
Co-founder & CEO at Magic.dev
Anna J. McDougall
Director of Engineering | TEDx Speaker | Author of “You Belong in Tech” | Google Women Techmakers Ambassador
Hendrik Ebbers
Board of Directors Eclipse Foundation | CEO of OpenElements
Hannes Preishuber
CEO ppedv AG
Mabrouk Mahdhi
Senior Technical Consultant for eBiz Consulting GmbH
Maxim Salnikov
Developer Productivity Lead at Microsoft
Christian Heilmann
VP Developer Relations at WeAreDevelopers
Karin Janina Schweizer
Director Azure Digital & Application Innovation at Microsoft
Matic Petrič
Quantum Computing Researcher at Fraunhofer FOKUS
Raphael Seidel
Senior Researcher at Fraunhofer FOKUS
Martina Kraus
Google Developer Expert Angular at Kraus Consulting IT
Alexandra Waldherr
ML & Quantum Computing Enthusiast
Alayshia Knighten
Customer Architect at Pulumi
Linda Stauffenberg
Managing Director at Experience One AG
Evan Lezar
Senior Systems Software Engineer at NVIDIA
Manfred Steyer
Trainer & Consultant at ANGULARarchitects.io; GDE; Microsoft MVP
Duan Lightfoot
Sr. Cloud Networking Developer Advocate at AWS
Alex Timashov
ML Engineer at Meta
Björn Bringmann
Managing Director | Lead AI Institute at Deloitte
Johanna Pirker
Professor at LMU Munich
Cassandra Faris
Product Strategy Technologist at Veeam Software
Emma Britnor
Senior Software Engineer at Bloomberg | Ex Twitter
Alexej Sommer
Lead Software Engineer at Capgemini
Kevin Klues
Distinguished Engineer at NVIDIA
Irina Gontcharova
Director Azure Sales at Microsoft
Daniel Schniepp
Senior Staff Engineer at Mercedes-Benz Mobility AG
Ali Yazdani
Principal Security Engineer at Scoutbee
Alejandro Saucedo
Director of Engineering, Science & Product at Zalando SE
Arthur Breitman
Co-Founder of Tezos
Adora Nwodo
Senior Platform Engineer & Published Author
Lukas Durovsky
Staff Software Engineer at Thermo Fisher Scientific
José Enrique Calderón Sanz
Lead Software Engineer at JP Morgan Chase
Eberhard Wolff
Head of Architecture at SWAGLab
Darrel Idiagbor
Software Engineer at Elli
Carsten Wendt
Head of Financial Innovation und Digital Solution at Finanz Informatik
Daniel Raniz Raneland
Software Engineering Consultant at factor10
Antoine Minoux
Principal Product Designer at Yelp
Asrar Khan
Developer Marketing Lead at Google
Zan Markan
Developer Advocate at CircleCI
Stephen Chin
VP of Developer Relations at Neo4j
Per Krogslund
Director at Docker
Timo Salm
Senior Lead Tanzu DevX Solution Engineer - EMEA, Tanzu by Broadcom
Hadi Hariri
VP of Developer Advocacy and Head of Open Source at JetBrains
Georg Dresler
Principal Software Developer & Architect at Ray Sono
Alexander Günsche
Senior Solutions Architect at AWS
Andrew Wafaa
Senior Director Software Communities at ARM
Matthias Niehoff
Head of Data at codecentric
Ed Marquez
Head of Developer Relations for Hedera
Johannes Bergsmann
CEO of Software Quality Lab
Ramona Schwering
Developer Advocate at Auth0 by Okta
Jim Allen
CTO at MeisterLabs
Hendrik Lösch
Management Consultant at ZEISS Digital Innovation
Andrew Howden
Principal Engineer at Delivery Hero
Ines Akrap
Solutions Engineers at Storyblok
Dieter Flick
Data Architect at DataStax
Steve Upton
Principal QA Consultant at Thoughtworks
Ilya Kaznacheev
Lead Cloud and Applications Architect at Capgemini
Stefan Schmitt
Gaming Lead EMEA at Blockdaemon
Niels Tanis
Sr. Principal Security Researcher at Veracode | Microsoft MVP
Ayesha Kaleem
Software Engineer with a DevOps mindset
Michel de Ru
Head of Solution Engineering EMEA at DataStax
Kevin Dubois
Principal Developer Advocate at Red Hat
Lucille Tachet
Engineering Manager at Canva
Daniel Savenkov
Senior ML Engineer at JetBrains
Arjan Tijms
Director OmniFish
Jens Happe
Head of Software Engineering at Chrono24 | Founder at Sparkteams
Reinhard Kugler
SBA Research MATRIS Applied Research Consulting
Elmar Jürgens
Founder of CQSE GmbH
Max Kless
Senior Software Engineer at Nx
Madalena Costa
Product Designer at Glanceable
Hannah Olukoye
Google Developer Expert - Android
Joao Camarate
CTO, Angel Investor, Startup Mentor
Mario Bodemann
Developer Relations Evangelist at Deutsche Telekom
Francesco Novy
Senior Software Engineer at Sentry
Oliver Seitz
Associate Manager at Accenture
Nadeen Hussein
Backend Developer at BlackRock
Markus Over
Frontend Developer at DeepL
Ozan Sazak
Software Engineer at Edge Delta
Marcel Bagemihl
Principal Software Engineer at Novatec
Soroosh Khodami
Software Engineer at Code Nomads
Loïc Carbonne
Head of Ecommerce Division at Theodo
David Whitney
Converting rum into code
Jonas Scholten
Backend Developer at idealo internet GmbH
Oleg Nenashev
Community Builder at WireMock, CNCF/CDF Ambassador, Jenkins maintainer
Oleksii Ishchenko
VP Engineering at Elopage
Pierluigi Meloni
Co-Founder & Co-CEO Utterskills
Björn Taubert
Software Performance Engineering Manager EMEA at Intel
Artem Volk
Publishing Platform Team Lead
Artem Manchenkov
Software Engineer at Microsoft
Kay Grebenstein
ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions, Testmanager / Agile QA Coach
Álvaro Durán
Senior Software Engineer at Kiwi.com
Miriam Becker
Senior UX/UI Consultant at Novatec
Omid Givehchi
CTO at Susteco - A Bosch Company
Mrinalini Sugosh
Developer Relations Manager at CKSource
Christian Wermke
Journalist, Community Manager & Digital Artist
Wendelin Peleska
Software Engineer at WhizUs
Joy Chatterjee
Lead Data Scientist at DCMN GmbH
Sasha Denisov
Chief Software Engineer at EPAM
Sven Amann
Software Quality Consultant at CQSE
Andre Pietsch
Solutions Architect Observability at Splunk
Stanislas Girard
Co-founder of Quivr
Nicolas Frizzarin
Senior Staff Engineer at SFEIR
Alfonso Graziano
Senior Developer at NearForm
Desireé Santos
Lead Consultant Developer at Thoughtwors
Adnan Rahić
Senior Developer Advocate at Tracetest.io.
Dennis Bappert
Sr. Solutions Architect at AWS
Fabian Zillgens
Senior Backend Developer at Phoenix Games
Felipe Furlan
VP Engineer at Jimdo
François Martin
Senior Full Stack Software Engineer at Karakun
Mesut Ayata
Principal Developer at Thoughtworks
Marcel Sim
Head of Growth at Dash0
Thomas Underhill
Founder/CEO at LAINIE.ai
Marc Brehmer
Software Engineer at Spaceteams
Daniel Espino Garcia
Software Design Engineer at Mattermost
Eileen Fürstenau
Software Engineer at MaibornWolff
Christopher Walles
CTO of SilverPlate.ai Software GmbH
Benedikt Stemmildt
CTO at TalentFormation
Krzysztof Cieślak
Developer Tools Researcher | OSS contributor
Sami Ekblad
Developer Experience Lead at Vaadin
Angelika Shvets
Software Engineer at NanoLock Security
Niklas Schuster
Cloud Solution Architect at NTT DATA
Sebastian Leuer
Research Associate at Fraunhofer IEM
Sascha Lehmann
Developer Consultant at Thinktecture AG
Andreas Voigt
Principal Software Architect at adesso SE
Juarez Junior
DevRel Director at Oracle
Pawel Adaszewski
Senior Software Consultant at ZEISS Digital Innovation
Alexis Yushin
Founder & CTO of Apexive
Hartmut Armbruster
Software Architect, Developer
Francesco Napoletano
Staff Software Engineer at sysdig
Megan Cook
Head of Product for Agile Solutions, Jira Software at Atlassian
James Clancey
Head of Developer Relations at Locofy.ai
Felix Eckhardt
Founder & CTO at Rocket Solutions
Andreia-Irina Ocanoaia
Software Engineer at Genezio
Sander ten Brinke
Lead Software Engineer at Arcady | Microsoft MVP
Solange Gueiros
Developer Advocate at Chainlink Labs
Martin Bach
Senior Principal Product Manager at Oracle
Szymon Chmal
Senior Frontend Developer at Bright Inventions
Aydin Mir Mohammadi
CTO at bluehands
Johannes Stern
Senior Engineer at Interhyp
Mackenzie Jackson
Developer and Security Advocate | DevRel at GitGuardian
Markus Ziller
Solutions Architect at AWS
Christian Denich
Sr. Customer Solutions Manager at AWS
Theresa Lankes
Facilitator and Agile Coach at ista SE
Jose Javier Alonso Moya
DevOps Ambassador at Amadeus IT Group
Johan Hutting
Developer advocate at ING
Oleg Šelajev
Head of Developer Relations at AtomicJar
Joseph Katsioloudes
GitHub Security Lab
Önder Ceylan
Independent Software Engineer
Björn Stahl
Software Architect at kreuzwerker GmbH
Tobias Petry
Database Educator
Muhammad Talha
CTO at EnergyLabs
Simon Müller
CTO at wattx
Ume Habiba
Full Stack Software Engineer
Joshua Töpfer
Senior Consultant at INNOQ
Bastian Schütz
Global Lead, Reality Labs, Meta
Thijs Limmen
DevOps Engineer at Xpirit
Mihai Roman
Chapter Lead at ING
Fili Wiese
SEO Consultant and ex-Google engineer
Ewald Verhoeven
QA Automation Advocate at Testcoders