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Marjolein Pordon - 7 months ago
It's not easy being green
In our day-to-day private life we are aware of the small steps we can take to reduce our carbon footprint, like separate our waste, etc. In software development we can take similar small steps to create a better environment. In my talk I will raise awareness: what's the size of the carbon footprint in software development, what’s the impact now and in the future, how can we measure that and make it visible? As a quality consultant I am aware that not only the functional aspects of an application are subjects that are important and must be tested, but also a set of non-functionals. In my talk I want to argue that it is environmentally necessary to take the carbon footprint creation into account as a non-functional requirement when performing a product risk analysis. Furthermore I will present useful tools that a software tester can use to indicate the carbon footprint created by IT, and will offer simple, useful tips to help reduce the carbon footprint when creating software solutions.
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