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Hila Fish - 6 months ago
Personal Branding & Job Search - The Most Practical Approach You'll Ever Find
In this age, where we work a lot in a remote setting - Maintaining your personal brand becomes a necessity, even if you are not looking for a new job at the moment (need to think about the long run, right?) How do we do it in a way that will both suits us AND make us stand out? In this talk I'll share the most practical approach for personal branding and job search you'll ever encountered, mostly for technical people, but with tips that could relate to all types and industries. No more discussing the why - Let's get right to the core and learn HOW can we maintain and enhance our personal brand, and how can we STAND OUT - when we're searching for a new job (in our field or an entirely new one) or in general, to have the best online presence we could hope for. I'll provide practical tips and tricks, ideas to incorporate in every online presence aspect or job search process - so you'll stand out, utilize all elements available for you and hopefully get the result that you aim for.
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