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The Name of the Rose
Reka Horvath - 9 months ago
What makes code surprising or sometimes even confusing? What can make you investigate a bug in the completely wrong direction? Which refactoring is the first in the new edition of Fowler’s book? Naming also affects: * Onboarding new team members. * Communication with non-dev team members. * Understanding business requirements. => How much fun is it to work on a codebase? “We use the same mental processes to understand code as those we use in everyday life beyond our keyboards (evolution wasn’t kind enough to equip our brains with a coding center).” Software Design X-Rays ## Antipatterns (5 min) * misleading names * overly general names ## Names in Bigger Context (10 min) Often, a name is great per se, but it doesn’t fit well into the context. * Easy to distinguish (writing & talking) * 1 term per concept ~ DDD: ubiquitous language * Consistent API design * Using domain nomenclature ## Evolving Code & Names (10 min) * Technical changes * Business changes
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