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One size fits all! Not at all!
Ixchel Ruiz - 1 month ago
A new understanding of disruptive change is just one of many lessons we have learned over the past five years. A hard one that has left us disoriented, but open to improvement. We live in an ever-changing world with IT challenges that are growing in both size and complexity. Meeting these challenges and turning them into opportunities requires a creative, adaptable and effectively distributed team. Understanding the underlying differences in diverse teams, such as differences in functional background, education or personality, can facilitate creativity or group problem solving - but only if a group process is well defined. In this presentation we will explore the idea of group process and diversity beyond race/ethnicity, gender or age. What are the specific needs, requirements or strategies that need to be in place to create cohesive teams?
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ING Deutschland
21 days ago
Nuremberg, Germany
Team Lead Product Design (all genders)
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19 days ago
Berlin, Germany
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