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Is everything difficult, or is it just me?
Jo Franchetti - 1 month ago
It isn't just you. There are so many pressures on us, not only from our jobs and the tech industry, but from the state of society, politics and the economy as a whole. Join me on a joyful journey through the alphabet of overwhelm, we’ll cover Anxiety, Burnout, Capitalism, Depression, Emotional Labour and many other fun factors. We’ll talk through how to recognise symptoms in yourself and your friends. Lets learn how to survive, and hopefully thrive, in this ABSea of sh*t. Let’s make 2024 the year that we put as much thought into protecting our mental health as we do our code quality.
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Senior Frontend Developer (m/f/d)
Rosenxt Group
2 months ago
Osnabrück, Germany
Senior Director - Engineering
1 month ago
IT Chapter Lead / Web Engineer* (w/m/d)
ING Deutschland
21 days ago
Nuremberg, Germany
Team Lead Product Design (all genders)
Flaconi GmbH
19 days ago
Berlin, Germany
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