Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your questions about the event, tickets, venue, safety regulations and other topics. We are very exicted to welcome you at WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2024.

Common questions


When and where can I register for workshops?
When and where does the World Congress 2024 take place?
What speakers are going to be at the event?
Will there be a Pre-Check-In for the event so I can skip the waiting lines before the opening?
Is there a Congress App?
Will the talks be recorded for later watching on-demand?
I would like to apply as a speaker for the World Congress 2024. Where can I do it?
How can I be sure this is the right event for me to attend?
Is this event GDPR compliant?
What do I do in case I lose my wristband?
My question is not listed here, who do I contact for answers?


Where can I buy my ticket?
What do I get when buying the Premium Congress Pass?
What is the difference between a regular Congress Pass and a Student pass?
Who can purchase a Student pass?
Are there daily tickets?
Are there discounts for group tickets?
How do I get my ticket and my invoice?
I have bought a ticket but I changed my mind. Can I get a refund?
Can I sell or give my tickets to someone else?

Travel & Accommodation

Where can I find a taxi around the congress?
Do you recommend any specific hotels to stay at?

Venue - Arrival - Infrastructure - On-site Questions

Are taxis available at the location?
Is the event accessible for people with physical disabilities?
Am I allowed to take pictures or videos at the event?
Is there parking opportunity available, and what is the price?
Is there a cloakroom?
Does the venue offer free Wifi?
Will there be any catering (food and drink) on-site?
Are pets allowed at the event?
Is there going to be a Lost & Found point?
What is the best arrival route by train?
What is the best arrival route from the BER - Berlin Brandenburg Airport?
What is the best arrival route from the former Schönefeld (currently terminal 5)