March 9, 2023
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Best Companies in the Netherlands: Top 25 Companies in 2023 

Eli McGarvie

The Netherlands is an amazing country to visit and an even better place to live. Amsterdam, the Hague, and Rotterdam — these are all fantastic cities to work in with great work-life balance, high-paying jobs, and a booming tech scene. 

According to Dealroom, Dutch startups have created over 135,000 jobs in the Netherlands with an 8% annual growth rate. There have been many success stories not just locally but internationally as well, companies like,, and Messagebird are just another reason why you should consider this beautiful country when searching for a job in Europe. While there are many great companies in the Netherlands, you might be wondering, what are the best companies to work for according to the data. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the top 25 companies in the Netherlands based on ratings and internal data from LinkedIn, plus we’ll list the most popular companies for young professionals entering the workforce. 


LinkedIn ranks and publishes an annual list of the best employers in the Netherlands. They rank each company based on unique LinkedIn data. So we have to trust that they aren’t representing any biases. Thankfully, LinkedIn shares the criteria for its rating system. It’s based on rankings from seven categories related to employee career success. The categories are: (1) the opportunity to advance within the company; (2) learning new skills; (3) business stability; (4) outside career opportunities; (5) involvement with employees; (6) gender diversity and (7) educational background.

Best companies to work for in the Netherlands

According to LinkedIn, the top five companies to work for in the Netherlands are Rabobank, ABN AMRO Bank, ING, ASML, and Philips. The great thing about this list is that all 25 of these companies have IT and engineering positions open, which means they are actively recruiting. We’ve also added Glassdoor ratings so that you can a glimpse at employee satisfaction.

# Company Rating Industry
1 Rabobank 4.1 FinTech
2 ABN AMRO Bank 3.9 FinTech
3 ING 4.0 FinTech
4 ASML 4.1 Software
5 Philips 3.8 Healthcare
6 TNO 4.0 R&D
7 Unilever 4.1 Consumer goods
8 Atos 3.7 IT services
9 Capgemini 3.7 IT services
10 Nike 4.1 Consumer goods
11 Shell 4.1 Energy
12 The Kraft Heinz Company 3.5 Consumer goods
13 Royal DSM 4.1 Biotech
14 Royal Haskoning DH 4.0 Construction
15 Deltares 3.9 R&D
16 NN Group 3.9 FinTech
17 ProRail 3.7 Transport
18 Volkswagen AG 4.1 Automotive
19 Tata Consultancy Service 4.0 IT services
20 IBM 4.0 IT services
21 Siemens 4.1 Electronics
22 Arcadis 4.0 Architectural
23 CGI 3.9 IT services
24 Aegon 3.7 FinTech
25 Conclusion 3.9 IT services

Most popular companies to work for in the Netherlands

To get a full perspective on the “best” companies in the Netherlands, it’s also important to include a list of the companies that people want to work for. For example, Google might not get the highest rating on Glassdoor, but it’s still a company many tech professionals dream of working for. So it’s important to include both perspectives: the current employee, and the future employee. 

This list is from The Most Attractive Employers in the Netherlands reported by Universum (2021). In this report, they surveyed over 28,100 students in the Netherlands and asked them what companies were most attractive to them. As this relates to tech companies and developers, we used the results from the engineering and IT students. Star ratings are taken from Glassdoor

# Company Rating Industry
1 Rijksoverheid 3.9 Government
2 Rijkswaterstaat 3.7 Government
3 Tesla 3.6 Automotive
4 Google 4.4 IT services
5 Coolblue 3.9 Electronics
6 Ministerie van Defensie 4.1 Government
7 Apple 4.2 Computer hardware
8 IKEA 3.7 Consumer goods
9 ASML 4.1 Electronics
10 Philips 3.8 Electronics
11 KLM 4.1 Transport
12 HEINEKEN 4.2 Consumer goods
13 Microsoft 4.4 Computer hardware
14 4.1 Consumer goods
15 TNO 4.0 R&D
16 Unilever 4.1 Consumer goods
17 Nike 4.1 Consumer goods
18 Royal HaskoningDHV 4.0 Consulting
19 Albert Heijn 3.6 Consumer goods
20 FrieslandCampina 3.9 Consumer goods
21 Shell 4.1 Energy
22 Volvo Cars 4.1 Automotive
23 BAM Groep 3.8 Construction
24 Heijmans 4.3 Construction
25 Nederlandse Spoorwegen 4.0 Transport

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Best Companies in the Netherlands: Top 25 Companies in 2023 

March 9, 2023
min read

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