May 29, 2024
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Average Salary in Czechia

Eli McGarvie

What is the average salary in Czechia?

Avg. salary per person

552,156 CZK

Avg. salary per month

46,013 CZK

The average salary per person per year in Czechia is 552,156 Kč which is approximately €22,358. The average salary in Czechia per month is 46,013 Kč (€1,863) – and after tax, the average monthly salary is approximately 36,330 Kč. This is from the latest data reported by Republic of Slovenia Statistical Office (SURS) (March 2024).

These income figures are the most recent from Czech Statistic Office (2023 Q4). 

What is the average salary in Prague?

Prague is the capital city of Czechia, and being a hub for businesses and job opportunities, the average income per person tends to range higher. According to CZSO, the average salary in Prague was 55,039 Kč ( €2,228) per month or 660,432 Kč annually (€26,742). This data is from 4th Quarter 2023.

Other regions that had a higher wage level in the 4th quarter of 2023 were Central Bohemia (CZK 46,535) and South Moravian Region (CZK 45,569). The lowest wages were again achieved by employees in Karlovy Vary (CZK 40,559), Pardubice (CZK 41,802) and Liberec Region (CZK 41,911). (Source)

Minimum wage Czechia 

As of the 1st of January 2024 the minimum wage in Czechia increase to 18,900 Kč per month or €765. This is based on a 40-hour work week. If an employee works by the hour, the minimum hourly wage is 112.50 Kč or €4.56. 

What is a good salary in Czechia?

Generally, the average wage and above is considered good. But you need to factor in your lifestyle, expenses and where you’ll be living. For example, cost of living in Prague will be higher than Bruno, Ostrava, or the countryside. Locals suggest that 50,000 Kč per month is enough to live in the city. Although, you might have to find a flat further out and track your expenses. 

Anything more than 70k Kč is great and will offer you a more comfortable experience, especially if you are single (without family) and living alone. Not taking into account car ownership or health conditions, you should be able to save on this income. 70k outside the city will go even further. 

For expats, a good salary might look quite different. From Western Europe, you are probably expecting to earn €2,500+ after taxes. This is more than enough for Czechia, and well above the average. If you have a remote job, chances are you earn in the top 10%, so there’s little reason to compare. 

Taxes in Czechia 

When considering salary and cost of living in Czechia, you should always take into consideration your taxable income. Personal income tax is 15% flat rate. You will also be making contributions to social security and health insurance. The contributions account for around 15% as well. 

If you’re a full-time worker, making the average income, you’ll most likely be paying at minimum 20% of your income to the government. To calculate your earnings in Czechia after tax, you can use a tax calculator to give you a breakdown of where your money is going. As an example, if you are earning 50,000 Kč per month then you can expect to receive an income of 39,270 Kč after tax (21% reduction). 

Highest paying occupations in Czechia

Leading the list is the Chief Executive Officer, with an impressive average monthly salary of 178,191 Kč. Following closely is the Development Director, earning 162,093 Kč, and the IT Director at 141,656 Kč. Country Managers/Directors also command high salaries, averaging 138,820 Kč. Plant Managers earn 133,364 Kč, while Managing Directors receive 128,484 Kč. Economic/Financial Managers earn 122,682 Kč, with Sales Directors just behind at 121,850 Kč. Logistics Directors earn 120,678 Kč, and Call Centre Directors round out the list with 114,453 Kč. These figures highlight the substantial earning potential in top management positions within the Czech Republic.

Average salaries in other European countries

Average Annual Salaries in Europe
Country Average Annual Salary (Euros)
Switzerland Flag Switzerland €84,159
Norway Flag Norway €56,810
Denmark Flag Denmark €49,850
Germany Flag Germany €49,260
Finland Flag Finland €47,688
Sweden Flag Sweden €43,690
Netherlands Flag Netherlands €42,236
France Flag France €39,800
Italy Flag Italy €35,561
Austria Flag Austria €31,407
United Kingdom Flag United Kingdom €30,031
Spain Flag Spain €29,113
Slovenia Flag Slovenia €27,350
Estonia Flag Estonia €22,850
Portugal Flag Portugal €22,000
Poland Flag Poland €20,390
Czechia Flag Czechia €19,200
Hungary Flag Hungary €18,807
Croatia Flag Croatia €16,440
Greece Flag Greece €15,335

Average Salary in Czechia

May 29, 2024
min read

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