October 19, 2023
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Average Salary in Portugal

Krissy Davis

What is the average Salary in Portugal?

Avg. salary per year

22,000 EUR

Avg. salary per month

1,833 EUR

According to ECO, the average salary in Portugal is €22,000 per year or €1,833 per month, which is 34.33% less than the average annual salary of full-time workers in the European Union. It’s also 57.69% less than Luxembourg, which sits at the top of the salary list. 

However, Portugal has a relatively low cost of living compared to other Western European countries. This means you can enjoy a good quality of life without spending much money. For example, according to Numbeo, Portugal has, on average, 46.27% lower rent prices and 29.92% lower consumer prices compared to US states.

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What’s a good salary in Portugal? 

How much money you need to make depends greatly on where you live and your accustomed lifestyle. For example, if you’re a city dweller who enjoys dining out with friends and spending your weekends exploring, you’ll need to make at least €2,400 per month.  

However, if you don’t mind quiet village life in rural areas such as Ferragudo, you could get away with making half that amount. Regardless, it’s important to remember that where you live also affects the salary you’ll receive. You may pay less to live in a smaller village, but you’ll most likely make less than if you were employed in a larger city such as Lisbon. 

Why move to Portugal? 

The low cost of living isn’t the only thing that attracts ex-pats to Portugal. With its beautiful beaches, rich and vibrant culture and history, delicious food and friendly people, it’s easy to see why many flock to its shores. It’s probably why the search term “average salary Portugal” has gained popularity over the years. 

Average salary in Portugal by city

The salaries listed below are sourced from PayScale

City Average Annual Salary
Porto €26,000
Lisbon €29,000
Coimbra €21,000
Algarve €27,000
Braga €24,000
Funchal €21,000
Aveiro €23,000
Lagos €27,000
Portimão €25,000

It is evident from the table above that major cities, such as Lisbon and Lagos, offer higher average salaries compared to smaller cities like Coimbra. 

Average salary in Portugal by industry 

If you’re an expert in one of the following industries and plan to migrate to Portugal, you’re in luck, as these sectors are in high demand. The salaries listed below are sourced from the Average Salary Survey and Salary Explorer.   

Industry Average Annual Salary
Technology €34,000
Tourism and Hospitality €35,551
Healthcare €49,300
Education €34,600
Sales and marketing €37,200

Apart from the above-mentioned industries, Portugal is also experiencing a high demand for skilled workers in general. This is attributed to several factors, such as the country's ageing population, expanding economy, and growing attraction to expats.

Average salary in Portugal by profession

To give you a better understanding of what to expect in your area of expertise, the aforementioned averages can be a good starting point. However, we understand that you may need more detailed information, so we’ve compiled a list of the most high-demand professions from each industry and their corresponding salary averages. This should give you a more comprehensive idea about the earning potential in your field.

The salaries listed in this section are sourced from PayScale and Salary Explorer

1. Technology

Portugal is a growing hub for tech companies, and there is a high demand for skilled workers in this field. Here are some of the most sought-after tech jobs in Portugal.

Profession Average Annual Salary
Software Engineer €25,554
Web Developer €17,145
Data Scientist €25,826
Cybersecurity Specialist €36,000

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2. Tourism and Hospitality

Portugal is known for its thriving tourism and hospitality industry, resulting in a high demand for workers in this industry.

Profession Average Annual Salary
Event Planner €34,817
Travel Agent €20,800
Hotel Manager €33,000
Waiter/Waitress €10,200

3. Healthcare

Portugal's growing ageing population has created a high demand for healthcare workers. Here are some of the most in-demand healthcare jobs in Portugal. 

Profession Average Annual Salary
Nurse €31,400
Caregiver €17,800
Doctor €76,200
Physiotherapist €60,000

4. Education

Portugal has a good education system, so there’s a high demand for teachers and other education professionals.

Profession Average Annual Salary
Special Education Teacher €29,200
Language Teacher €25,200
Early Childhood Educator €22,100
School Counselor €36,500

5. Sales and Marketing

Portugal's economy is growing, creating a high demand for sales and marketing professionals to drive business growth.

Profession Average Annual Salary
Account Manager €22,301
Business Development Manager €29,799
Digital Marketing Specialist €16,811
Sales Representative €20,800

Average salary in Portugal by the highest-paid profession

As the cost of living continues to rise globally, it’s interesting to see which professions offer the most lucrative salaries. Below are some of the highest-paid professionals in Portugal and their corresponding average salaries. 

Profession Average Annual Salary
Surgeon €94,900
Chief Information Officer (CIO) €65,000
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) €98,990
Commercial Director €60,000
Senior Attorney €69,000
IT Director €67,000
Operations Director €56,837
Portuguese President €91,404
Portuguese Prime Minister €68,553

It is worth noting that salaries in Portugal can vary depending on factors such as experience, location, and company size. However, the occupations listed above are generally well-paid.

Average salaries in other European countries

How does the average salary in Portugal compare to other European countries? Let's take a closer look.

Average Annual Salaries in Europe
Country Average Annual Salary (Euros)
Switzerland Flag Switzerland €84,159
Norway Flag Norway €56,810
Denmark Flag Denmark €49,850
Germany Flag Germany €49,260
Finland Flag Finland €47,688
Sweden Flag Sweden €43,690
Netherlands Flag Netherlands €42,236
France Flag France €39,800
Italy Flag Italy €35,561
Austria Flag Austria €31,407
United Kingdom Flag United Kingdom €30,031
Spain Flag Spain €29,113
Slovenia Flag Slovenia €27,350
Estonia Flag Estonia €22,850
Portugal Flag Portugal €22,000
Poland Flag Poland €20,390
Czechia Flag Czechia €19,200
Hungary Flag Hungary €18,807
Croatia Flag Croatia €16,440
Greece Flag Greece €15,335

As you can see, the Average salary in Portugal is 7.89% higher than in Poland but significantly lower at 73.80% less than in Switzerland. 

Despite the lower average salary in Portugal compared to Switzerland, it is important to consider the cost of living in each country. Switzerland is known for its high living expenses, including housing, transportation, and healthcare, which can offset the higher salaries. On the other hand, Portugal offers a more affordable cost of living, making it an attractive option for individuals seeking a balance between a decent salary and a lower cost of living. 

Average Salary in Portugal

October 19, 2023
min read

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