December 24, 2023
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Average Salary in Finland

Krissy Davis

What is the average salary in Finland?

Avg. salary per year

47,688 EUR

Avg. salary per month

3,974 EUR

According to Statistics Finland, the average salary is 47,688 EUR per year or 3,974 EUR per month. These figures are based on full-time earners and include performance-based bonuses and agreement-based non-recurring items.

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Further analysing the average salary in Finland

The above figure is the National average, so to provide a more comprehensive understanding, I’ve included the monthly averages per working sector in the table below.  

Sector Average Monthly Salary (€)
Private €3,903
Central Government €4,265
Local Government €3,397

Source: Statistics Finland

The average salary in Finland by industry

Now that we know the national average as well as what people typically earn within each sector let’s break it down further and explore the average salary in Finland by industry.  

Industry Average Monthly Salary (Euro)
Mining and Quarrying €4,081
Manufacturing €4,127
Electricity, Gas, Steam, and Air Conditioning €4,934
Water Supply, Sewerage, Waste Management €3,810
Construction €3,953
Wholesale and Retail Trade €3,715
Transportation and Storage €3,624
Accommodation and Food Service €2,762
Information and Communication €4,905
Financial and Insurance €4,862
Real Estate €3,898
Professional, Scientific, and Technical €4,373
Administrative and Support Service €2,970
Public Administration and Defence €4,164
Education €3,902
Human Health and Social Work €3,342
Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation €3,276

Statistics Finland

Further analysing the average salary in Finland by industry

In order to gain an even deeper understanding of the average salary in Finland, it is crucial to delve into the various industries that contribute to this figure. When we study this information in more detail, we can give you a complete picture of how much people in each industry generally get paid.

Industry Average Monthly Salary (Euro)
Mining and Quarrying
Mining of Metal Ores €4,061
Quarrying of Stone, Sand, and Clay €3,867
Mining Support Service €4,539
Manufacture of Food Products €3,710
Manufacture of Textiles €3,768
Manufacture of Cement, Lime, and Plaster €4,408
Manufacture of Other General-Purpose Machinery €4,467
Manufacture of Motor Vehicles €3,530
Building of Ships and Boats €3,834
Manufacture of Furniture €3,258
Manufacture of Jewellery €3,938
Manufacture of Sports Goods €3,780
Water Supply, Sewerage, Waste Management
Water Collection, Treatment, and Supply €3,834
Waste Collection, Treatment, and Disposal €3,802
Sewerage €3,762
Construction €3,953
Construction of Buildings €4,098
Civil Engineering €4,131
Electrical, Plumbing, and Other Construction Installation €4,059
Wholesale and Retail Trade
Sale of Motor Vehicles €4,465
Wholesale of Agricultural Raw Materials and Live Animals €3,651
Wholesale of Food, Beverages, and Tobacco €3,851
Retail Trade €3,006
Transportation and Storage
Land Transport and Transport via Pipelines €3,446
Air Transport €4,813
Warehousing and Storage €3,120
Accommodation and Food Service
Hotels and Similar Accommodation €3,073
Event Catering and Other Food Services €2,535
Beverage Serving €2,701
Information and Communication
Publishing of Books €4,495
Software Publishing €5,397
Motion Picture, Video, and Television Programme Production, Sound Recording, and Music Publishing Activities €3,883
Telecommunications €4,723
Data Processing, Hosting €4,672
Financial and Insurance Activities
Trusts, Funds, and Similar Financial Entities €5,597
Insurance €4,369
Real Estate €3,898
Professional, Scientific, and Technical
Legal and Accounting €4,478
Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Auditing €4,147
Management Consultancy €4,943
Administrative and Support Services
Renting and Leasing of Motor Vehicles €3,966
Travel Agency, Tour Operator €3,725
Cleaning €2,527
Secondary Education €3,940
Primary Education €3,555
Higher Education €4,342
Human Health and Social Work
Hospital €4,035
Medical and Dental €3,699
Residential Nursing Care €3,072
Social Work €2,848
Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation
Creative, Arts, and Entertainment €3,242
Sports Activities €3,278

Statistics Finland

The average salary in Finland by specific job role 

Finland has a variety of industries that are looking for workers, and some jobs are in particularly high demand. If you're thinking about working in Finland, here are some of the most sought-after jobs and their corresponding average monthly salaries: 

Source: Economic Research Institue (ERI)

1. Healthcare

Finnish healthcare is renowned for its universality, high quality, and affordability, making it a major draw for many considering a move to the country. However, an ageing population coupled with a declining number of specialists creates a constant need for qualified professionals.

  • Nurses and Nurse Specialists - 4,460 euro
  • Doctors - 10,800 euro
  • Speech Therapists and Audiologists - 5,145 euro

2. Engineering and Technology

The Engineering and Technology industry in Finland is a thriving and dynamic sector, playing a crucial role in the country's economy and innovation.This growth is creating a lot of opportunities in the following fields.

  • Software Developers - 3,564 euro
  • Civil and Mechanical Engineers - 6,011 euro
  • Electrical and Automation Engineers - 6,969 euro

3. Education

Finland's education system focuses on equity, well-being, and student-centered learning and has earned it international recognition so much so that it has inspired educational reform around the world. Here are the most sought out professionals in this field: 

  • Early Childhood Educators - 2,428 euro
  • Special Needs Teachers - 4,111 euro
  • Vocational Teachers - 3,865 euro

4. Other in-demand roles

  • Welders and Flame Cutters - 3,941 euro
  • Social Work and Counselling Professionals - 3,956 euro
  • Cleaning and Hygiene Workers - 2,496 euro
  • IT Security Specialists - 7,802 euro 

Average salaries in other European countries

As you can see from the above data, Finland offers a great average salary for its residents. In fact, the country consistently ranks among the top in terms of income levels globally. The Finnish people enjoy not only financial stability but also a wide range of benefits, such as comprehensive healthcare and education systems. However, how does it stack against other European countries? Let’s take a look: 

Average Annual Salaries in Europe
Country Average Annual Salary (Euros)
Switzerland Flag Switzerland €84,159
Norway Flag Norway €56,810
Denmark Flag Denmark €49,850
Germany Flag Germany €49,260
Finland Flag Finland €47,688
Sweden Flag Sweden €43,690
Netherlands Flag Netherlands €42,236
France Flag France €39,800
Italy Flag Italy €35,561
Austria Flag Austria €31,407
United Kingdom Flag United Kingdom €30,031
Spain Flag Spain €29,113
Slovenia Flag Slovenia €27,350
Estonia Flag Estonia €22,850
Portugal Flag Portugal €22,000
Poland Flag Poland €20,390
Czechia Flag Czechia €19,200
Hungary Flag Hungary €18,807
Croatia Flag Croatia €16,440
Greece Flag Greece €15,335

Average Salary in Finland

December 24, 2023
min read

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