Program Advisory Board

Every year, we receive thousands of submissions from passionate tech professionals eager to share their knowledge at the WeAreDevelopers World Congress.

To ensure the highest quality and balance of our content, our Program Advisory Board carefully reviews each submission. Comprised of industry leaders and experts, this board plays a crucial role in curating a diverse and impactful program, guaranteeing an enriching experience for all attendees.

Christian Heilmann
VP Developer Relations at WeAreDevelopers
Maika Möbus
Editor at Heise Medien
Stefan Baumgartner
Senior Product Architect at Dynatrace
Stefan Judis
Freelance Frontend Developer
Marc Thiele
Founder of beyond tellerrand
Tomislav Tipurić
Chief Technology Officer at Nephos
Silke Hahn
Rey Bango
Principal Cloud Advocate at Microsoft
Alex Olivier
Co-founder & CPO of Cerbos
Johanna Pirker
Professor at LMU Munich
Tejas Kumar
Developer Relations Engineer at DataStax
Bassem Dghaidi
Senior Software Engineer at GitHub
Ramona Schwering
Developer Advocate at Auth0 by Okta
Emre Baran
CEO & Co-founder of Cerbos
Rainald Menge-Sonnentag
Senior Editor at Heise Medien
Milan Milanovic
Dylan Schiemann
Managing Member at Halfstack