Tech Recruiting Summit

The leading event for tech recruiting and employer branding, taking place within the world's largest event for developers and tech talent.

17-19 July 2024 • Berlin, Germany

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»If you believe in what you are doing, you can achieve great things.«

Rudi Bauer
MD & Chief Evangelist at WeAreDevelopers

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Your essential guide to attracting, engaging, and retaining top tech talent.

Why Attend

Ready to revolutionize your tech recruiting?

This event is your one-stop shop for actionable insights, cutting-edge strategies, and invaluable connections.

Join us to gain the knowledge and tools needed to attract, engage, and retain top tech talent in today's competitive landscape. Don't miss this opportunity to transform your organization's hiring success.

Access to
‍Expert Knowledge

Learn from industry leaders and renowned experts who are shaping the future of tech recruiting. Gain insights into the latest trends, strategies, and best practices to elevate your hiring game.

Strategies & Solutions

Discover innovative tools and technologies that are revolutionizing the way companies attract and retain top talent. Explore real-world case studies and success stories to inspire your own recruitment initiatives.

‍Networking Opportunities

Dive into the practical applications of AI and machine learning. Understand how these technologies are being implemented to solve complex problems and enhance user experiences.

Experience The
Vibe of The Tech Community

Connect directly with the global tech community at WeAreDevelopers World Congress. Gain unique insights from developers themselves, build relationships with potential candidates, and immerse yourself in the heart of the tech industry.

Learn from the Best, Transform Your Recruiting

Our carefully curated speaker lineup is dedicated to delivering practical, actionable advice that you can implement immediately. Get ready to be inspired, challenged, and equipped with the tools to elevate your tech recruiting game.

Annika Mutius
Co-Founder & Co-CEO at Empion
Hung Lee
Editor at Recruiting Brainfood
Tobias Zimmermann
Head of Insights & Creation / Evangelist at The Stepstone Group
Malcolm Myers
Founder & CEO at European Internet Ventures
Sue Quackenbush
Chief People Officer at Dynatrace
Dave Hazlehurst
CXO & Partner of Ph.Creative
Lindsay Ross
CHRO at Bitpanda
Inna Busnita
Chapter Lead Talent Acquisition Tech & Product/Design
Matt Yates
EMEA Talent Acquisition Director & Global TA Lead at Uber Delivery
Katharina EnĂźle
Head of Employer Branding at ZEISS
Alla Pavlova
Talent Sourcing Partner at Riot Games
Kobi Ampoma
Head of Talent Acquisition at Heineken
Eva-Maria Meyr
Global Director of Employer Branding at Dynatrace
Morena Linda Richter
Head of Employer Relations at getINNOtized GmbH
Gonçalo Sequeira
Founder & CEO at Hiire
Marine Houmeau
Country Director, Kenya at getINNOtized GmbH
Adriaan Kolff
Co-Founder & CEO of Matchr
Thomas Kohler
CEO at pplwise
René Tillmann
Co-Founder & Managing Partner at hijob GmbH
Alexandra Gyetvai
Talent Acquisition Advisor at The Source Code Agency (CODΞ)
Sarah Ketteler
Head of Talent Acquisition at ROSEN
Robindro Ullah
Partner & MD at Trendence Institut
Ana Gospodinova
Director Talent Management at WeAreDevelopers GmbH
Jan Bernhart
Owner of IT Leaders
Amanda Lamont
Senior Recruiter at KNIME
Melanie Wagner
Country Managerin DACH at HiBob
Yaxin Xie
Global Employer Branding EMEA Strategy at TikTok
Tom Pattison
Employer Branding & Recruitment Marketing at TikTok
Jubin Honarfar
Founder and CEO whatchado GmbH
Lusya Ishkov
Sr. Tech Recruiter at NVIDIA
Hans Henrik Groth
CEO & Founder - CrossWorkers
Niklas Wiesauer
CEO at 1000things
Rudi Bauer
CCO & Chief Evangelist at WeAreDevelopers
Adnan Pavlovic
Regional Director at WeAreDevelopers
Fanny Jimenez
Chief of Staff at Business Insider Germany
Alexandra Ennsberger
Head of People & Culture at WeAreDevelopers GmbH
Mark Schaub
Country Manager D/A/CH at Tunga
Tobias Stahl
HR People Integration & Mobility at ROSEN
Kerstin Lange
Recruiting Specialist at ROSEN
Laura DĂĽckers
Lead Organizational Strategy & Culture at denkwerk
Wim Dammans
Talent Sourcer / Recruiter A.I. at Enexis Groep
Ludmila Tomperi
Global TA Partner
Bojan Muscet
Editor at Hrvatski Telekom
Jelena Jelusic
Founder of Inspo Consulting
Kristina Colak
Human Resources Director at Yousign
Hans Elstner
CEO at rooom AG
Nahed Hatahet
Owner at HATAHET productivity solutions Gmb
Tobias Scholz
Associate Professor for Academic Esports
Andreea Lungulescu
Principal Recruiter - Senior Talent Acquisition Manager (Tech) at thermondo
Simon Cusden
Coach - Trainer - Speaker
Ays Schmidt
Global Talent Attraction Specialist at Zoom
Jens Wöhrle
Co-Founder at onyo
Nicole Lamprecht
Owner at NILA HR Consulting
Stefan Dietz
Managing Partner at entra people systems GmbH & Stefan Dietz GmbH
Vince Szymczak
Senior Advisor, Technology & Talent Solutions at The Source Code Agency

These are just a few of the brilliant minds you'll encounter at the Tech Recruiting Summit. Get ready to be inspired, informed, and empowered to take your recruiting efforts to new heights

What Others Say…

Discover why the Tech Recruiting Summit is a must-attend event for industry professionals.

»This event showcases the latest trends around TECH RECRUITMENT. I had the honour to host the stage last year and it was a blast. Great cases, talks, keynotes and panels, highly recommended. Plus: on the same day and in the same location you have the WAD world congress with 12,000 developers which makes it even better.«

Gero Hesse
CEO of Embrace

»For WeAreDevelopers, the sky is the limit when it comes to delivering the best possible experience and building the most vibrant, inclusive, and sharing community. This is a must-attend for you!«

Alla Pavlova
Riot Games

»We appreciate the invaluable exchange with tech leaders and professionals, bridging the gap between the recruiting industry and cutting-edge technology. Because of these wonderful opportunities, this event has always been unforgettable and should not be missed.«

Dr. Annika von Mutius
Co-founder & Co-CEO at Empion

»Over the last few years, Matchr has been the flexible recruitment partner for tech companies like TikTok, booking.com , Bolt, Miro, Grammarly and Deel. Part of our success has been our unwavering commitment to give as much knowledge back to our industry, unconditionally. We are therefore excited, to co-host the Tech Recruiting Summit with WeAreDevelopers and create an incredible experience.«

Adriaan Kolff
Co-founder and CEO of Matchr

»Recruiting tech talents and making them stay is a major challenge for companies who want to be competitive and at the forefront of world changing technology. This event enables talents and employers to get in touch in an inspiring setting, exchanging not only contacts, but sharing ideas and developing a common understanding of what really matters when it comes to working in tech.«

Fanny Jimenez
Chief of Staff at Business Insider Germany

»The WeAreDevelopers World Congress is a great example of a content-centric marketplace, bringing much of the world’s best tech talent together to inspire and learn, while also offering companies a platform from which to recruit tech talent. «

Malcolm Myers
Founder & CEO of European InternetVentures

»WeAreDevelopers World Congress is a unique event, especially now with the Tech Recruiting angle. This brings together two communities which do so much work together but never have the chance to exchange insights in a community setting. It makes for an unmissable event.«

Hung Lee
Editor at Recruiting Brainfood


Prepare for multiple days full of engaging activities and inspiring content. Here are the most important dates to keep in mind.

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17 July 2024
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18 July 2024
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Day 2

19 July 2024
Main Program
HR & Tech Expo
Closing Keynote

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